Airbus A330 Rework


This pic says “notice anything?”

What’s there to notice besides the wingflex?


Anyone know if they’re posting today? They usually post every single day, at least once per day - sometimes more.


Wait and see.


Last I had heard, it was awaiting Apple approval. Continued refreshing of my App Store and searching “IF” in said App Store has not gotten me an update. I cannot WAIT to try this plane out.


Sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say maybe a little more and we will understand the problem:)


They usually post everyday but I don’t think they posted on Monday so you never know


I would love to see the Brussels Airlines livery


Everyone the update will come when it’s ready. Today tommorow, three weeks, but don’t stress! Read a book, enjoy the many other features of IF and chill! I’m sure it wil be amazing when it comes! For now realax… and happy flying


meanwhile admire this gorgeous power house


I really hope the new air Canada a330 livery is added! :)


I’m praying and hoping for an MEA livery of the A330 to come with this update, until then I’m praying with fingers crossed. Looks like the only way we can cooperate is patience until then. :)


They come to KCLT and are a beauty to watch.


I hope the add virgin Australia and Qantas also American and as said above the Air Canada new livery for the a330


If we are lucky US Airways


True I love the a330 but I never flew it in IF due to the unrealistic ness of it know I get to enjoy my favorite plane with a cone in the engine and wing flex I am so happy to be able to land the beauty with proper flaps physics because when you put flaps full the plane barely flares it is really hard to butter or grease (DeerCrusher) it’s so amazing to have new liveries as well


Edit: when you put full flaps the planes just doesn’t move you can try it for your self and see it just won’t do anything you have to lower your speed so much to be able to flare without missing the landing zone


yeah i do alot of a330 flights so i have noticed that so i just stop at 3


ahahaha how can they solve the issues by getting rid of the person there to test and report it XD. If this goes bust its gonna be like NFS world. pushing micro transactions in the way of all the interesting stuff and needed changes ie thing people want thus causing the game to collapse XD ( rip NFSW)


Just that XD now gimme 80 bucks XD



Hopefully one day when the -200 gets added!