Airbus A330 Rework


While there may be no changes to the body, the physics and other changes really make this a whole new aircraft to fly. Taking off, fuel flow, flap physics is so much more realistic. Landing this bird has become fun as it sort of just floats down. Now the challenge is to find a spawn point with a gate that fits it, I never realized how wide this thing was.

When it comes out, give it a try. I hope you like it. I do. I find it similar to how the old CRJ-200 flew compared to the new.


Maybe. Hainan is……you know,they are not most interested in the busiest and biggest city in the world. Instead they choose city such as Budapest,Madrid,etc. Generally speaking l really want Hainan livery.


I thought there wasn’t ground effect.


I didnt say ground effect. I was just saying landing is much better now with the improved physics.


Oh ok it’s just when you said floats down I assumed that was included.


does that mean we can use full flaps without dying now? LOL


Yeah, I use full flaps at landing speed and almost stall out.


This is what Laura said originally:
To summarize, this will bring:

  • Updated flight physics
  • Flaps issues will be fixed
  • APPR Mode
  • Fixed Autopilot issues
  • Ground effect
  • Better crosswind handling

  • And Wing flex…


No he said originally


Not currently


Are the fuel flow improvements that u can fly longer hauls after the update? Because I would like to do a 12hr flight and to make it realistic fuel should get close after 12hrs.


I don’t think so but I guess you can do a layover


Wingflex is confirmed


Yes if you read the posts above, about 100 comments ago, you will find that we have already conversed about this IG post


Ground effect is coming, it’s been mentioned a few times. Guess that’s why it floats down 🛬☁️


I was replying to the guy above


I’m dissatisfied that there’s no winflex when it says in on IF insta and the 330 is such a good plane


Laura did say ground effect iirc-and with that big beautiful slick and slender wing-it’s gonna be FUN!


How do you know? It hasn’t come out yet!