Airbus A330 Rework


Not speculate we will have informations soon…


The one thing I love about the A330 is the wingspan


The way I see it if the work has already been done then leave the livery, while not realistic it’s there for anyone to enjoy as they please.


should they do this in the update? or in the full rework?


This would likely come in a full rework I would imagine, I don’t think it’s even possible yet.


Everythink is posible but the time!?


Let’s wait to have new infos 😖😖


Yes and look the body of the plane averythink look soo sweet


Maybe not a Full rework but maybe A model reviewed Some soft touches like Wing flex physics…


Possibly, the only way to find out is to wait and see! ;)


Yap let’s wait


But I can’t wait😂


It has been said hundreds of times that this is not going to be a complete rework. Assuming you watched the other 70 minutes of the video, you should know that a full rework would take way more time and resources. Don’t get everyone’s hopes up by these speculations and just enjoy the moment and the fact that you are already getting more than expected. :)


Really hope Hainan A330-300 would be added.

Hainan Airlines A330-300
You guys who like Hainan livery can vote here.


Well firstly this is not going to be a full rework, only a partial one like the 737 had. I kind of oppose your position because:

Yes, it looks like it does have Wingflex. Nice observation, and a really great feature indeed. But still, I’m going to refer to the 737 partial rework update where the fleet got a few new liveries, APPR, Wingflex, engine fan blades, realistic strobes, apr strobe, updated physics etc. However, there was no change to the model itself and it didn’t include a new cockpit. As controversial as it was, it was kinda okay considering visually it looked the part.

I think by this part, Jason means it will be easier to fly because of updated physics.

Well, it’s just to add in a little fun. Sometimes a company needs to show love to its customers with surprises right? I mean who doesn’t like surprises? :D

I will wrap up my opposition statement with a yes, you are correct on this one. The A330 is getting a rework. Only a partial one though.

Hopefully a full one is announced one of these days, and if indeed I am totally incorrect about these statements and it is a full rework, I think I might require a few weeks holiday. We can only dream though lol.


Lets bring the gear tiltttttt!


Same hainan will start up routes from Oslo grade mien this summer


You had the same idea as me, haha, re-work or not, it will be so much better to fly :)


All I want in it is the lights then its golden. Should still be fine for a while.


If this mini rework to the A330 wasn’t happening I honestly would of said that it would of been an urgent rework but now I do have to say that I can actually deal with the new A330 for a while and would be able to wait until later this year for a full rework.