Airbus A330 Rework


Hey guess what we get back! (in red circle)

Credit via Laura’s Instagram story


Great! The fact that there was no cone was driving me a little nuts 😂


I think the lack of usage was due to the lack of liveries and abnormal physics of the aircraft.


100% Slay. I agree-it was tough to fly tbh.


The quality of the picture overall is super nice, it could also be the HD screenshot feature that was talked about in the stream. Also, did you notice how smooth the nose gear is!


Yea it does look quite nice!👀


The A330 by Claude Monet


(From Laura’s Twitter)

Congrats People. Thai A330 confirmed! (Top right Corner)


That may not be a beta aircraft so not confirmed at all unfortunately.


True, I guess we’ll just have to wait to see.


Will they light the cockpit, just asking.


It’s not a full rework, so the cockpit will be the same (Saw this on their Instagram, one of the replies)


That’s ok I like the cockpit


Out of curiosity, if (and here I emphasize if) the A33F is also a part of the minor A333 rework, will the A33F UPS livery ever get taken out since it is technically not realistic? (I don’t necessarily care for the UPS livery specifically because they operate aircraft very similar to the A33F. I do sort of mind for the Air Austral A380 and Transaero 748, but that’s a different matter)


I would love it if the A330-300 got a rework! It would be great to have the Qantas livery and maybe add the A330-200.


Yes! The A340 rework would be awesome! :)


nice!!! can do more flight from hong kong to bangkok


maybe some more A332 liveries?


Would be epic, would be great to fly the 200,300,500 as well as the a340-600 but in due course.


The body of the A330 is also updated very nice😍