Airbus A330 Rework


oh has it now ?.


It’s not, in curent IF is you take the exact moment the rear wheel touches but not the first you can replicate what they have there…


Thanks for looking into that ;)


Don’t worry, I want to know just as much as the next guy… 😂


i took a break from the sim for almost a week now, and took a break from the a330 for like a month!

also excited to see the new Liveries ^_^


Hope to see A330-200 in IF, I much prefer the A330-200 over the A330-300. Specially In Kuwait Airways livery =)


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If you look up, that’s already been posted :)


My bad. Didn’t see it :(


I can confirm that after numerous amounts of testing, and a good quality image enhancement by @InfiniteNick (who didn’t see the livery at first) that it was an Aeroflot A330-300. It is NOT a new livery.


If anyone here ever thinks we as a community don’t have input into IF, watch the developer stream. Laura straight up said the video I made was what really got her going on the A330 physics package. They listen to us as much as possible and when something is wrong they move to address it. Patience from us is critical. Everyone wants SOMETHING in IF that’s not there yet, be patient keep posting and be respectful and it will all come in time.

Laura’s remarks are ~ 16:15 into the video (hat tip to @DTot42 for pointing it out in the virtualBlue slack)


I don’t want to get into the community input thing at the moment as it would seem just ungrateful. But the argument is, why did it take this long? And why did it take so many arguments on the forum before the idea was taken seriously? But, it seems that efforts are now being made by FDS to try to satisfy the community, which make me very happy indeed.


Yes I’d appreciate a catch-up post tbh


I’m sorry, but if you guys are going to argue, please leave it to a PM.

This is a thread about the A330, not about other circumstances with other things.


Not for this thread-I’m sure someone will break it down.


Sorry, noticed I posted it on the wrong thread oof


Yes will come for 19.1 :)


My original post was indeed about the A330 rework. I deleted the other one. Here, have yourself an A330 😉


It’s like a Monet


perhaps because they were working on other stuff like fixing some performance issues and global etc,… we never know what are the priorities for the developer team, for example the little boost the A330 got now wasn’t originally part of this update! so it does makes me very happy that Laura and the other staff members add A330 to this update list ^_^

also Laura said that the A330 is not completely an old model nor new but more like in between! as she tried to explain that it was a bit easier to work a bit on the a330 compared to the b767 or b757 which are much older and need more work, and lastly what triggered Laura was the video one of the Community members made on youtube that pointed out the flaps issue on the A330 which hurt Laura’s ego as she said in the stream,.

and this is just my very personal opinion which i could be completely wrong but i think not that many players fly the A330 in IF,.