Airbus A330 Rework


But we don’t have the A330-200 in Infinite flight which Kuwait Airways operates, instead they can add The Beautiful Kuwait Airways Airbus A320 And B777-300ER!!


i really want to see the Turkish airlines livery


I was right!!!

Science always beats superstition.


Ok so we found the wing flex I also thought that the engines looked different but I did some editing and found out no they practically look the same image


But the cones in the middle of the engines are 3d not photos.


For your info, those cone were here before global and since, they are present inside the engine (free cam player) 😉


sorry i wasn’t here before global so i don’t know what it would have looked like


That looks like an EVA livery? (NEW)


Nope it is the Aeroflot @Haifan_Day


Are those gears slightly tilted?


thanks mate.


This update be like

That’s hot…


3D cone on A330 before global :)


is there a 3d cone now ?.can you take a screenshot and show me please !



Don’t ask why…


its just a bit broken Ahaha


I know that, but if there is any plan to add the 200 version they may consider our livery, for this reason I wrote the reply


hopefully they have fixed it !


It is fixed :)