Airbus A330 Rework


That would be a good feature. For the next aircraft to have a tilted gear


I love how the Devs said this update would be most likley a performance update and the replay thing but they ended up doing some touching up on the A330! I love them!!


What we know that is coming up currently:

  • Fixed to the A330 in flaps and all physics.
  • Additional APPR Feature to this aircraft.

But the developers surprised us with:

  • More additional liveries.
  • Wing flex? As shown in the recent Instagram post…

Well, thanks developing team! 👏


It’s coming =)


For now it’s Okayish, after the update will be AMAZING =)


They might have added other engines, not all A330s has the RR Trent 700s ( my favorite A330 engine )
It might be just like the A320 family in IF, some have CFM-56B ( my favorite A320 engine )and some has the IAE V2500


Looks like I was wrong…😯


It’s Aeroflot. I increased the brightness and you can make out the Russian flag.


It is very fun to fly and in my opinion an underrated wide body


I swear I saw Flex


You were wrong, but , in a good way!! =)


I really love what they are doing with the A330, an amazing job like always by the team. I do secretly hope we might get a new cockpit as well. :-P


I wonder what else is up there sleeve for us. Hopefully it’s animated engines


And is this wing flex actually coming


You will have to wait and see.


I hope you add Kuwait airways 330 🇰🇼✈😍


A Thai A330 would really be nice.


Turkish a330 and eurowings must have in this update


If you look on Infinite Flights Insta, they put the tag wing flex :)


Aer Lingus A330 is also a must