Airbus A330 Rework


I think the devs love us speculating lol


You’re right it is Aeroflot.


Guys look into the engine. Is it me or does the spiral actually look 3D and not flat. Anyone else see it here ?


Oh she looks wonderful! 😍


i guess it’s not rolls royce anymore


Nooo. the engine spiral on the a330 is flat. Its not a cone… just a picture. but on there it looks 3D


Good eye!!! I had to zoom in you are totally right


Okay now. I think the spiral is now a 3D cone and no longer a flat spiral in the engine. woow even better!!!


Wow this is like a dream come true something I did not expect from the devs


LOL just imagine the day of the release there will be a huge line of A330 lining up waiting to take off. This is gonna be great 😆


Yeah man its such a surprise, credits to them for putting up with our non-stop requesting 😂


Yeah it is, I remember when they first posted the Sri Lankan A330 and there were some people specualating possible wingflex and everyone was doubting them. This was a great surprise from the devs. I would rate it 200/100


Doesn’t seem realistic and 3D to me… just looks flat


Makes you think what else they have in store for us 👌🏼


I remember when the 330 first came out and the first version was amazing


So you all are going to hate me but I have never flown the A330 before, Is it a good aircraft to fly? especially after the update?


If I look closely, I can see that the engines are tweaked as well 👀


Yooo the gear is TILTED look at it. OMG im so happy!!!


Um… no it’s not.


When you see lots of new posts on the A330 topic and you know something happened 😂