Airbus A330 Rework


You’re 100% right, we need an A332!


Spot on Joseph. We’ll just have to keep waiting and hoping!


Oh, thank you! >_^


We need an A332, and with an Air Transat livery :D


I wonder if the problem is that they don’t do requests from banned users?


I feel like this request will still stand even if the user is suspended.

It’s not just what the suspended user would like, another 1,000+ community members would like to see this also.


Considering the community has over 65k users, 1k isn’t that much😕😉😂


It is though if you compare it to the amount of votes other features requests in this category have.


That includes a lot of inactive people…

In the last 30 days, 6k people were active… 1.2k then represents 20% of active people… which is plenty!


I wonder what PlanesForLife would think if he saw this topic now. It’s of the most, if not the most voted on feature request. 1200+ votes at the time of this reply.

While it’s truly not the best feature request I’ve seen, it’s one I feel we need the very most as far as aircraft go. I hope we get a ground up rework of this beautiful bird this year, including the addition of the A330-200.


I’m not really an A330 fan, but the A330 has gear tilt, and that means it gets my vote


I know it will be a very big and very good advance, so I am patient to wait for this update! it would also be good to add new paintings … :)


This one looks very good. It would add tons of new routes and liveries.


Exactly. The A330 is used so much, by so many different airlines


l think A330 is one of the symbols of Airbus and infinite flight should make full use of it.The rework should be careful and l hope that the cockpit will be reworked.


Usually by rework, it means totally reconstruction. Which Include the outlooking and the cockpit, and should have two pilot in the cockpit and wingflex.


Yes, correct. After this rework with the current expectations, this aircraft may make the old model look like a cheap toy from the dollar store.


I have a controversial opinion.

I want the A330 rework desperately. But I’m not interested in having interior view in the cabin. I think the amount of data it would use would really slow down the game, and also, I don’t think the level of detail in the interior cabin warrants having it on the aircraft. Just my opinion. I’m sure lots of you disagree.


Well I mean, I personally like cabins, but I do agree that they take up space, but they don’t take up too much space compared to the whole plane. Although it certainly would speed up the process to rework it.


As @Jeronimo_Castro suggested, an avianca livery would be a good addition because not many airplanes in IF have avianca liveries and I would really like to see more of them. Thank you.