Airbus A330 Rework


“So, so close, but not the right airport” - My thoughts (speculation or whatever) is that its not talking about the A330, but maybe another Airbus wide-body or wide-body in general. A380?

(This is just pure speculation but I do hope its the A330 as well.)


It could be an A330, A340, A380, or even the A300 or A310, but it’s not known at this time. Also remember, it might not even be an Airbus.


Yeah, I also stated…


I know. I was trying to agree with you. :)


Oops, sorry, I misinterpreted your statement. Although I agree, any wide-body can come, but for now, lets just hope a new A330 makes its way to IF.


I’m sure it will. If not now, then later. :)


So can’t wait


The A330 fan blades needs to be added too.

  1. Yes they better make sure the fan blades of the Trent 700 spin clockwise.
  2. Those are GE90-115B’s found on 777-300ER’s not A330’s


Either IF has bad language or I have 10IQ when reading this. What do they mean by aircraft relate?


That the new update will relate to aircraft.


That’s certainly something that I know I’m looking forward too! The A330 is an amazing aircraft and can’t wait until it’s reworked, whenever that will be.


Sorry I couldn’t understand what they were trying to say. Thanks for the clarification though!


‘Relate’ should be ‘Related’, the misspelling threw me off too lol.


I think we need 5.000 votes for this update


Well, good/bad thing, is that votes don’t determine what gets added! The devs know about this and I’m sure it will come at a time in the future. (Maybe even this year, although it’s only speculation.)


I hope you guys know, that when they say

“the update will be aircraft relate”

means anything.
This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a rework or new aircraft added. It could also just be minor improvements to aircraft model like what we saw with the 737 and a320.

Also, when they said

so close, not the right airport

means NOTHING with the a330 rework. They were just being funny how that the original post was about guessing the right airport, but one user commented “a330”. They just wanted us to guess the right airport. They aren’t referring to any rework.

See what I mean:


Guys, it’s just the devs playing around, there’s nothing to be found in that hint, as it’s a joke. A scenery update could fall under that category, too. It means nothing.


so there will be a changed to aircraft/s (either rework or things like the 737 update) in the next update? Is that right?


NO! Not at all! I was giving an example of that we have NO IDEA what is coming next