Airbus A330 Rework


I like the A330 it’s perfectly fine


Thats alright, I’m not the one to rush. Got any suggestions or prediction on what it could be?


I don’t think it is fair to speculate. The devs haven’t mentioned anything about future updates so ruling out the A330 is still being speculative. As for now, time will tell on what would come in the next update.


I don’t know. Maybe this?

Possibly a super secret spy message? 😂🤷‍♂️


You never know boss 🤷🏾‍♂️😂


I saw the original post and people kept saying that the A330 and A350 were airport like what lmao. But I honestly hope it is a sign of a rework.


Well I guess we will have to find out. 😉


The Qantas livery has got to be added do to how many they have in real life


Well this thread has been up for 3 years so i guess this year might be the one were the big Bird of the sky gets a rework


Is that also 3 years old thread ? 😕


Yes it is it was created on the September 12th 2016


Disclaimer: ⚠️This is pure speculation, do not take as if it is confirmed!⚠️

Could it be?! I guess we will just have to find out!


Oh god I can’t wait anymore for this rework. Really hope this is a sign it is near 😂👏🏻


Well it should be there first priority as it’s number 1 on the features with the most votes and it has been up for three years


Well remember, this is just speculation. Although I hope so too! 😂😁😔


You posted the same thing yesterday, no need to clog the thread up with the same screenshots


I added another image. Not cluttering. Just showing you that there is a possible correlation.


This too I saw! ⚠️SPECULATION⚠️


It’s the same screenshot/image though??


Yes, to show the correlation (if any). If I posted it again for no reason, then yes, that would be cluttering. :)