Airbus A330 Rework


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Please don’t discuss other flight simulators here😉


It’s not just a simple rework though I imagine. The new A330 looks like a brand new plane, especially with the nose and new sleeker lines, so it would be like scrapping the old one and introducing a new plane as it has changed so much. The A350 would be very similar to the A330, and the 787 is just a slightly different aircraft to the A350 (I’ve been lucky enough to fly on the 787-8/A350 as a passenger within hours of connecting flights).

On that basis, we have the 787 in all variants, which would be almost identical to fly as the A350, so the reworked A330 gets my vote. But that would kind of dispense with the requirement for the A350 (based on the above) as an immediate project.

Just my opinion :-)


Those are facts but okay, we can’t change the system yeah ?
Let’s wait like always, now we are used to waiting, that’s a quite difficult work to do a rework surely.



We arent asking for a new A330… We just want a rework for the current one @Helmethead


Well I mean, we kind of are by including the -200 variant. 🤷‍♂️


Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300 at HKJK today. Nice livery imo.

Credits: Self


Man that is beautiful!


Thanks. This was taken by an iPhone 5S camera btw :)


I really hope this absolute babe of a livery can be included in an A330 rework…


If it gets an update, it needs apu strobes at the same time.


@Alp_Clk I’m pretty sure it will as for the latest reworked aircraft had it so no doubt on that. I’m more hopes for the gear tilt like jeez it’s one of the best gear tilted aircrafts ever.


Yes, @Sudhanva_Ganesh you are right. Especially, after the b737 rework;

Next updates should be more detailed. And apu and gear tilt will be amazing parts of those updates.

I suppose devs will care these sights.


Can you please provide a link to where you viewed the photo? Thanks!


There has to be a misshape with the front of the A330.


We also need THIS.fleet-A330-300-1


Yea there’s quite a bit sadly


Yeah, well hopefully they fix the front when this beautiful bird gets a rework! 😁


After I almost crashed on final approach today and ending up with an almost uncontrollable Go Around because of some weird broken physics with that plane: That one has to come soon. I’d fancy the rework of the F/A 18 to come first, but I think that we may see both this year.


I thought it was just me!