Airbus A330 Rework


This is also a beautiful airline we need!

Photo Credits: Airplane Pictures Net


Air Seychelles is without doubt the best airline livery (imo). Their A330s were beautiful and would make a colourful addition to IF. (Btw, if you are a fan of Air Seychelles’ liveries you should check out their Twin Otters)


Where is it ?


It would be pretty cool for when we get the update to have wingflex while taxiing on the ground. I’m my latest flight I noticed a huge amount of wingflex while we were taxiing


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The picture was taken at Denver International Airport, from the top Northwest corner of the West Garage, sometime around 5pm in October.


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Actually the PW aren’t the most powerful. The RR RB211 Trent 772B-60 can do 72000lbs vs the PW4170’s 70000lbs.


Needed the A380 would not look as good anymore without this.


That’s a nice looking plane


I was on this plane on an ATL-IST flight early November :0


I would like to implement the livery of Mexicana de Aviación and one of iberia


Cool! How was it?


Evening everyone, and a very merry Christmas to you all! I’ve had a whole new theory with regards to the rework calender… What if they are alternating between years of short haul and long haul?

I’ll explain. In 2017 we saw the arrival of global, followed by the introduction of 1 long haul aircraft (arguably 2 if you include the C130 as a long haul aircraft) - the DC/MD series. However, that was the last time we saw the arrival of a long range plane. Since then we’ve had the TBM, B737 upgrade, A320 upgrade, A10 rework and introduction of the CRJ series. In other words, 2018 was the year of the short hauls.

Obviously I have no true idea, but I can’t help but wonder if 2019 will be all about the long haulers. Almost certainly a reworked A330, and possibly a reworked A340 or A380? Along with possible soft reworks to the B777 and B747, both of which are in good condition.

Just another one of my little pipe dreams…


That is 1 of a million possibilities, let’s not speculate just yet or at all.


As I said, I have no idea if this is true. Not speculating, just suggesting. As you say yourself, there are multiple possible reasons and we have no idea of what they are! It’s fun to hope though - those of us on this thread are big fans of the A330 and would love to see it in the sim… Nothing wrong with a little hope every now and then


I just can’t wait to get the news that the rework has arrived and is being implemented and then that sneak attack day that my IF app has an update for the new a330’s I’ll be so happy. I live in Hawaii and Hawaiian Airlines is by far the most beautiful livery to be seen, all they carry are a321neos and a330-2. I’m just sharing because the 767 is done with Hawaiian in the coming years. All in All though can’t wait for the rework on this aircraft.


M0.87? You must be in casual server, otherwise you will get violations yes or yes


Not at FL390 (:


Yeah the answer is no I’m actually flying in the training server with no violations.