Airbus A330 Rework


Indeed! Only time will tell though on what is worked/reworked upon in 2019. ;)


hahah yeah, but i think we are at the point now in Infinite Flight were the game has had a massive improvement in terms of becoming a more realistic sim with the addition and global, and i really think the devs need to start working on improving older aircraft such as the A330 to enhance the realism


I agree. 👍



without forgeting some DHL liveries (they have 2 diferent 330’s)


I feel like it will 101.502% come in 2019, either this or an E-Jet rework.

About the gear tilt, I don’t think it will come with the A330 rework, but I think it will come as a separate update that includes gear tilt on every aircraft that has it in real life.

Just my opinion 🙂

@william credit the author of those pictures, please!


It’s cool as they are the only airline to use the A330-300CF. (If im not mistaken) Also look at those engines on that -300! I’ve never seen those engines on that plane! 🤯


That is the 1970s turkish airline livery.


I haven’T see a DHL airbus 330.


I have Hear that we re I live there is a flight to spain but is stopover.


with this whole aircraft reworked, I hope that liveris the TAP and Azul.


The A330-200 version(with full DHL colours) were bought from Etihad due to the latter’s financial situation which caused them to downsize cargo ops.


yeah the Pratt&whintey engines

the most powerful engines for 330


Yes, and one of the most beautiful. ;)


I really hope when the A330 gets reworked that we have these 3 engines

Credits to: Aviation Stack Exchange for the picture


Me too! Although I’m sure they will add them. They will look great!


Indeed! I cant wait to see an accurate trent 700!


the first one is my favorite!


Same! I love the Trent 700 because of its iconic swirl of RR


we definitely need emirates a330-200


yes 100% Unfortunately Emirates recently retired their a330s