Airbus A330 Rework


I agree with this 100%, also I believe they should add the A330-200!

In my opinion, I’m a bit shocked that I haven’t seen the Aer Lingus A330 in IF


The devs posted a photo of the A-10 cockpit, also writing «what feature would you want next?» , and the leading comments (those with most likes) are all asking for an A330 rework, so lets hope


I said gear tilt with it ;) for the a330


actually, the devs. are classifying the 737 as an update, not a full rework.


im still patiently waiting for this rework, Will it be more exciting if you fly to Sydney with from Jakarta with this :)


Me too, I agree with you!
Im in love with A330 and also with A320


Edelweiss A330 comes to DEN from ZRH during the summer! I hope they add this one!

(my image)


I love that livery and it will be honestly one of the best things ever if they add it


I’d love to see this! What a pretty bird. :)


I thought the semi-levered ldg on the 777 only helps with take offs


That red front is super good lookin! Like the Air Greenland A339 and WOW Air!


You can absolutely not forget the Gulf Air A330-200 im from Bahrain the airlines national carrier and its absolutely stunning! - Photo Credits: Skytracks


I already posted about it a while back. ;) also please specify if the image is yours or not. If it isn’t, then please give proper credit to the author.


my bad there we go


You can’t just say off the internet. Just link the image from where you got the image from.


that better?


Yes. Thank you @Yousif_Alsharifi. 👍


no problem, the a330 seriously needs a rework badly hopefully this post gets more love


Yeah. It really does, although 2019 may just be looking a bit bright for this bird! (And the A340)


Yes i really hope 2019 looks favourably on this aircraft! The a330 and a340 are amazing aircraft and it deserves to be reworked in the game