Airbus A330 Rework


They probably have but just doing small bits at the time


Also SA scenery, but it really isn’t a feature right? This is still good progress though!


The scenery isn’t a new feature, it’s just an addition to complete the feature global flight and it’ll be added when the imagery supplier has it ready. In terms of which aircraft comes next we have no information at the moment.


Now this is a must I’ve been waiting so long and I feel that my wait is nearly over 🇮🇹❤️😁


Don’t know if this has been mentioned before but if/when they add the tilting gear I hope they can simulate realistic spoiler deployment.
When the lower/rear pairs of the mlg touch down the spoilers activate, but only partially. Only when the front pairs of the MLG also touch down, will the spoilers fully extend.

Also tilt of the MLG is pretty “stiff” so it takes longer for the MLG to be fully planted on the ground compared to other aircraft with tilted landing gears. Despite the hard landing, the front pairs of the MLG still didn’t touch the ground immediately. This 777 didn’t even land as hard but the MLG was almost immediately fully planted on the ground.

Maybe I’m asking for too much 🤷🏾‍♂️.
But it never hurts to do so. :)


My absolute favorite livery 😍🇮🇹


I never mentioned anything about which aircraft comes next.


It’s a “single double wheel bogie” on the B73X/A32X.

The A330 has two “four wheeled bogies”


That’s “Semi-levered” on the 777 and articulated on the A330. Allows for greased landings while also protecting the aircraft a bit more.
Some info for you:


One of the greatest :flag_it: :heart:


Looks like the Hainan Airlines callsign came out, according to the post above. Could this mean something?

Hainan does have A330s, so…

this could be a sign that this feature request will be fulfilled soon…hmm


I agree with the rework for the A330, maybe in the update they can try to integrate gear tilt and add the new Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon livery to this model.

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As a Bombardier fan and Boeing, I have to say The A330 would have to be my 3RD favourite aircraft and cannot wait till they update it!


I think it would be great to have the Iberia a330 in order to fly more routes between Spain and the US, such as KORD to LEMD

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Wow that is beautiful.
I hope it comes with the rework.


Maybe try out gear tilt on this rework?


Yeah but you gotta think. They just finished trying to get the cockpit displays working corectly and that’d be 2X the wok for gear tilt and cockpit movements but you never know


prease up date Iran air A330


Hope we can see this livery … must have in IF


Then you can vote for it here: