Airbus A330 Rework


I’d specially like to see the SAUDIA and QANTAS livery on reworked a330, they are like the obvious ones, some of the biggest operators of them too.


I am so hoping that now that we know that live-cockpits is possible, that we may get it on the A330 - if we do I will be SOOO happy!


The hype is real for this rework

  1. The number of votes here is kinda becoming a community meme

  2. When/if this does happen, when the update releases, the IF Servers will be so overloaded, I can’t imagine how many hours it would take to get flying lol


Lol so true the whole airport would be full of A330


If the rework does happen just like happened eith the DC-10 i would love to see the A330MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport)

It would ve a great addition to the military side of things and the european military fleet. It would also be very exciting to see and have a different aircraft for refuelling hopefully even with hoses off the wings or is that too ambitious?


If the a330 had a rework everyone would fly it like the new reworked 737


Hopefully this baby comes with working instruments!!


Maybe the reason the devs aren’t reworking the long haul aircrafts is because of the complexity of the landing gear. Just my thought. Because they reworked the a10, 737, a320 which are all 2 tires per the gear. Or however they call single gear things sorry idk


Hopefully they introduce truck tilt when they finally rework the A330.


The gear shouldn’t be the biggest issue, my thought is that they’ve reworked a plane of every category now, they added the MDs/DCs as long haul jets, afterwards they’ve added the CRJs for short haul, TBM for GA, A-10 as a military jet and next could be another long haul aircraft, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the A330 since we have some high-quality Boeing long-haulers but not a single Airbus. Additionally it seems like the demand is quite high here on the forum.


I am incredibly curious to see what will be the next aircraft that will be added in 2019. I am gonna take a complete GUESS, but I THINK the A330 has fair shot for 2019. (Assuming we’ll get the same amount of updates that we got in 2018)


It will. Somewhere they said that all aircraft are set up for it its just a matter of adding it.


I meant like truck tilt being introduced into the game


Guys, we need this rework to be done asap! Come on Infinite Flight!


Sure but they’ve managed to introduce working gauges so it’s probably possible to add a tilted gear


I think this re-work will be the best one yet! Just think the longer it’s taking them to release means the more effort they’re putting into it to make it the best it can be!


We don’t know if they already started working on this baby tho


Even if they are, not saying they are, but they could always update it as they go along, unless they already have future features.


Yes! There needs to be more Airbus aircraft! Like the neo family and different types of the a340, and maybe the a10?