Airbus A330 Rework


I love Iberia A330, Im waiting for use it on the next update!




You confuse me… yeah we get it you like Iberia and you want an a330 with Iberia livery so why do you keep going on about it


Great, but as it isn’t, lets discuss it for make it possible, for the next update!


There’s a lot more to discuss then just add Iberia livery


Yes but please stop spamming


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Yes but you stated your opinion and we get it you want an Iberia livery this isn’t focused on just Iberia a330


Isn’t there a feature request for the Iberia A330


Whatever it is, it’s just as mysterious as the fog itself. 🤔


The whole developer team said multiple times that they’re aware of the A330, and I’m sure we’re gonna get it in 2019. If we look at the planes we have now and on the update history, you notice that Airbus hasn’t got a single up-to-date wide body while both Boeing and McDonell Douglas do (777/747, MD-11). We got the CRJs for short haul (I love em) and we got some nice GA and some awesome military. No one excepted the A-10 rework to be that awesome, I mean we got a live cockpit! I‘m totally agreeing with you, the combination of wing flex, the new gear, eventually a live cockpit, a cabin and new lights which the A330 could get is really awesome, and I’m sure all the time we wait is worth it. :)


This is exactly what I’m on about. As much as it’s “disappointing” if you will to see the 737 (with it’s measly 326 odd votes to our 3.5X more votes) get reworked first, at least we KNOW that whatever future reworks and additions come from this will have much better features!

Perhaps we’ll even get more “Airbus-y” type features with the new A330-like proper flaps logic/configs for example:
1 and 1+F (which the A330 has but technically isnt “correct” as the flaps move down at flaps 1 on the ground)

Flaps 1 is slats only in the air, Flaps 1 on the ground is “1+F” Airbus even have auto retract past the “F” speed when taking off. So if you’re at 1+F (lever is at 1) and you’re climbing out and accelerating, the flaps will automatically come in while the lever is still in Flaps 1 and then as you continue accelerating to green dot (clean maneuver speed) THEN you go to flaps 0 and
up come the slats. See link:

Perhaps we may even get thrust lever “detents” or even fly by wire type stuff like autotrim or bank and angle of attack limits! The devs have been good about adding in little touches on each update and I’m sure they won’t disappoint! The FBW stuff is my 330 rework pipe dream but with the direction the devs have been flying in, we won’t be disappointed when it does get here!


Autotrim would be really nice indeed, I’m pretty confident about this rework having seen those other ones in the last year.


Praying this is next and will come in early 2019 👏🏻



If you want the Iberia A330, vote for it here:


Ya know Mats I was flying the F22 once and while it was a bit “jerky” if you will, it seemed to stay where I put it so to speak. I imagine autotrim would be similar perhaps. Perhaps we could collaborate on writing up some of the simpler FBW type features and get them into a request thread.

Autotrim and things like pitch and bank angle limit/protection type stuff seem simple enough to implement (to me anyhow lol) I’d LOVE to see it in the rework along with the eye candy stuff like wingflex etc.


I’d really love to see this, it seems as if the devs under-appreciate Airbus. I think the A320 cockpit could be re-used as they are nearly identical; that isn’t to say that I wouldn’t like to see working instruments such as on the A-10.


Well the 737 was here sinse the beginning, so it makes sense that update it along with 747, everything should wait


Yeah not so much. Not when the community is clamoring for it.


1136 votes! Far out! I remember when this had “330” votes and that was a big deal. Surely something has got to happen to this feature, given it has so many votes. I