Airbus A330 Rework


Hmmm, I wonder what’s next…

🤔 Hmmmmmmm


If the A330 Rework is next, I’ll actually show you a pic of me crying through PM lol


A330 would be nice to have reworked in 2019. With all this new technology, it would be great! (Maybe we’ll get the NEO, and maybe the a350.


I hope they do a «what do you want next?» poll like they did with the MD11/DC10. That was really fun


Could this be a hint of an upcoming A330 rework?
When in ground, the A330 tends to be a little pitched down because of the shorter landing gear.
And the “wait for it…”.


Speculation already, eh? 😜
I think all of us who have voted would hope it’s the A330, but we don’t know until a clear spoiler is realeased, or until there is official news.


I’m not feeling it…


I think it’s the A10 tbh. I just checked it out actually-its not a 330 unfortunately. The A330 would have much more of a positive pitch angle on approach (tho you’re 100% on the ground part!) and the flare would have been closer to 5-9 degrees nose up. Good catch tho. It’s GOTTA be coming if they did the 737 first.


Infinite flight community : Yay we might be getting a possible A330 rework for the next update !! Let’s celebrate 🎉

Next Update

Devs : Now introducing our new reworked Cessna 172 hope you guys enjoy !

No shade thrown just all jokes lol


OOOF is it actually the c172 😒


Even if it was, we shouldn’t complain. Though I doubt another GA rework/addition will come soon with the recent addition of the TBM, we still need to be mindful of the other 63314 users on the forum ;)


Knowing infinite flight right now 😒 probably will
However two aircraft that can benefit from the 737 “touch up” the 748 and 777 the a330/a340 and 757/767 are just so bad that they cannot be fixed by a simple touch up


Who didn’t vote by the thousands for the A330


I’m pretty sure people didn’t vote for an a-10 rework in mass
They seem to ignore the majority vote and do what they want hence we haven’t seen a350 yet



Infinite flight is basically running up an escalator going down they release a new aircraft with new features and the last aircraft become outdated it’s a constant cycle I bet we will see a topic pop up soon that says 787 rework


So… I was looking over the “rework” blog post someone posted… Its clear the A330 is badly in need and a few key points were:

-Jason mentioned the A330 rework at least half a dozen times. It seems we’re all not flying it (perhaps due to the need for a rework-myself personally due to lack of liveries and a -200)

-He also mentioned the subscription model so I just did some math…

-1129 votes X $9.99/month X 26 months that the topic has been open=$293,246.46 in revenue from the voters in this thread (IF they all have a monthly live sub or even a sub at all which I’m sure some don’t)

-Anxiously awaiting this still.

But I’m beginning to think that when we do finally get the A330 we’re all anxiously awaiting-it’s likely gonna blow all the rest of the planes out of the proverbial sky. Just think-taking wingflex and all the goodies we got from the 787/DC10/MD11/A320/A10/737 launches and reworks.


I’m wondering what infinite flight will do with the offsprings of the series like the max and neo


ADD Iberia livery


How about we discuss that when the rework is confirmed…