Airbus A330 Rework


I’m going to take this to a PM with you as your comments are now going off topic.


@Gman It was a question not a statement


I know, that’s why I wanted to emphasize the joking part of it.


True. Maybe we have some sort of electoral college that’s low-key going on here.


Guys let’s are not what get features into IF. They just show the devs what the community leans towards.

EDIT: I mean votes.


what island is this?


Actually every community that the Rework of the Airbus A330 and paint, not only this as the Rework of the A340, and all versions to be added, It is sure to fulfill this request!


Wing flex would look really cool on the Airbus A330!


not a specific island, just a scenery example i found that IF used to show their new scenery details.


I really hope this makes the cut next year!


Looks like Tahiti (NTAA)


I would love to see new liveries like WOW and Garuda Indonesia


Look guys a lot of you need to take deep breaths and just relax the 737 and A10 got the update this time and now all of you guys are all saying the Devs hate us and everything. Just be grateful for what we have.

So can’t wait to see this in the future I would actually love to fly my big bird Qantas.


Credit: Turkish Airlines

TC-JNC A330-200
this livery is gorgeous and we need retro livery


You know, I remember seeing this in Atlanta!


It would be awesome to add Iberia liveries, the new one and the old one, because they are essential for trips from Madrid to (Quito, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Mexico, La Habana…) And also for the resort of this amazing PLANE!


Actually Iberia brings the A346 to Mexico, not the A330 ;)


You’re right, but I mean in general, it would be awesome to have in IF the two of them A330 and A340 of Iberia to flight all around the world and from continent to continent!


Iran air A330 EP-IJB


737 done maybe A330 now :0