Airbus A330 Rework


1111 votes - definitely wanted

Please be next 🤞😉


Most likely a few years? Based on what?


Based on a guess


South African Airways have some -300s in their fleet.


Can you add Aircalin to the -200 list?


Does the a330 really need a rework, or just added features and livery’s?


Nothing has been confirmed yet, so we don’t know. :)


It badly does, detail cockpit, wing flex, more livieries.


I would love this so much. Honestly, if they could use the a320 cockpit for the 330 and 340 I would be fine


But it really doesn’t need to be totally rebuilt


With the level of quality found on more recent planes (C130, MD series, CRJ, TBM) anything on the level of the A333, A346, 757, 767, etc will most likely need a full rebuild. Even though these planes are more advanced than say the old CRJ, they are quite outdated already. Of course I could be wrong.


I feel like your somewhat trolling how could you possibly think it doesn’t need a full rework. The cockpit is terrible no lighting very bad details. The wing need some wingflex man I can’t even list all the things that is wrong with that aircraft because it will take me a long time. Compared to the 787 a320 md 11 and other aircraft it definitely needs a rework it has had the same featured since the game first came out. Well it didn’t have a cockpit at first but you get the point


Relax dude. It’s his opinion. There are pros and cons to everything.



A topic with 350+ upvotes, “LET’S DO A REWORK!”


A topic with 1000+ upvotes, “Meh, let’s just wait to see what the community has to say.”

This is a joke


Totally agree


They all definitely have an eye on this rework, it’s only a matter of time till they commence working on it, or they could already be working on it. The staff are always multitasking with MANY different projects. That’s why it’s always so exciting to see what they are working on, because it’s always something different and better!


You have no knowledge of how many projects the staff are working on, how many Devs there are working on it etc. You also suggest they definitely have an eye on it. From the the lack of updates we have received about it that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t want to sound rude, but I become irritated when people deify the Devs like this when we actually have no idea at all of what’s going on. The fact is, we have no knowledge of what’s going on, and whether or not we’re going to get this rework.


@Louis1 and @Patrick_Gallagher, please take this to a PM.


Staying on topic – but why should we take this to a PM? We’re discussing updates on the A330 rework - surely that’s on topic?


Because it’s debatable on what the devs are working on. We don’t know, so if you want to counter his claim with your opinion, then you both need to go to a PM.