Airbus A330 Rework


I’ve added all of these beautiful liveries to the list!


Delta operates the -200 also. ;)


And lets not forget this one


The Aer Lingus livery will look nice on both the -300 and -200 if its added

(photo taken by me)


Don’t forget Batavia’s A330-200, Lion Air’s A330-300, and Garuda’s A330-300!


Very nice photo😍😍🙂🙂✈


Only 2 votes away from 1100!


I just hope we finally get american A330s that all CLT international flights minus cancun uses


I can agree 100% percent with you on that one


We have reached 1100! 🎉🎉🎊🎉


Not yet, just 1 more vote left.


Someone probably removed a vote and that is why it is now at 1099. Just a theory.


Well it was 1100, someone did.


Hello it’s a very nice request for features

I love the A330 and I’d like to see it work again.

And you got my vote.



1100 VOTES!!! Finally… Road to 1200 is on our way.


Who remembers the old livery 😍😍


Wow man that’s crazy time fly’s 😢


Man I remember seeing those… it’s been ages…

Don’t forget to credit the author of the image of it isn’t yours. ;)


I remember seeing them on the airbus 320s to RDU we never got planes that big I just love the US airways scheme in general


I hope the gear tilt will be in the update too