Airbus A330 Rework


I have to agree with you on that one. The TAP retro livery is absolutely beautiful but I have few hopes it will be on IF one day.


I would be really surprised if it wasnt on their list


Goooooood! There’s a plethora of liveries that should be produced when the rework takes place.


Eh, depends on the season. During the summer AA has 9 A330 departures per day. Winter schedule ranges from 4-6 A330s depending on the day. Next summer and winter CLT will see a bump with the new year round MUC flight starting March 31st👌🏼


Air Asia X A330-300 and Korean Air A330-200


Jet Airways A330-300


You don’t know how much I’d love to see a Bae330 with reworked physics, a new cockpit, and plenty of liveries. So many people don’t even think of flying the A330 because of this. Hopefully one day this dream becomes a reality :)


Well the A33F is in need of more of a rework than the A330-300. With flaps full and near empty (Simbrief’s generif fuel calculations are off big time) you can land at 95kts.


I think it’s safe to say all planes are technically on their list given that they want all aircraft to be of the same standard. The question is, how long do we have to wait for our new wide-body. 🙄


Yeah man I can’t wait I love the A330 and when it gets a rework it will be awesome. Just imagine the wingflex and all the awesome features they add 😀


I was just doing some solo flying with the 330, and I noticed when I landed (butter), the back wheels touched the ground and there was a slight tilt, you guys should try to do it and see for yourself.


Did someone say wingflex and A330?


Wow man it’s a beauty 🥰🥰


I thought that was if for a second 🤩🤩


Where were you flying from/to?


KJFK-PHNL one of the best flights I’ve taken-I’ve done it 3X on HA and once on UA from EWR (was a 763). That’s the flight I’m most looking forward to doing when this re-work happens!


Which airline is that ? Is it Hawaian !!! 😍


Yes indeed it is-those pictures are on N379HA which at the time they were taken was less than 30 days from the Airbus factory. It was delivered from TLS 10/31 and went into revenue service around Nov 6 iirc I flew it Dec 3.


@Lovethisgame here’s the difference

  1. I had to use a DL A330 cause we need a rework 😉
  2. The view is a bit different “seat” wise and the “zoom” perspective in IF is different


Another great request or improvement is some special liveries, which add some diversity to IF.