Airbus A330 Rework


No Malaysian???


Lol, alrighty


I see this when I go to CVG! It’s a good lookin plane. 😏


Can you please add Saudia


+Air caraibes


Some could argue: A330 vs 767 and A350 vs 777 (787?)


One thing I’ve noticed is that airplanes in IF that have RR engines (such as the 747) always have fan blades that turn counter-clockwise, while RR fans turn clockwise in real life…I hope that the A330 with Trent 700’s will have fan blades that turn clockwise in IF.


this may not be the wrong place to mention this but why are there no american A330s. more than 6 of them fly in and out of clt daily.


It’s just about what was on it. They cannot add more liveries as of now due to the model being dated. You can always vote for it in #features so it can be added when it’s rework comes!


What do you mean with the dated?


He means that the Aircraft model in IF is old and needs a overhaul, a rework pretty much so that the new liveries are up to par with the new model after the rework. It’s best to add new liveries which has more quality in them on a freshly reworked aircrafy with higher quality as well. That fits better.

Adding a high quality livery now on a somewhat outdated old CAD model of the A330 would make it stand out in a odd fashion.

I would compare it to putting a glossy paint on a rusty car and leaving all other parts like exhaust and steering wheel as they were, rusty and old. Or you could compare it to putting stickers on a old machine, everything else is old but the outside, what you see looks modern…


Also the American A330 did not exist when the IF A330 was released


yep, they were all owned by us airways until the merger


Don’t forget the Air China A330-200!! 😂


I gotchu fam lol


Yes please!


That’s @Swiss flying then. 🤩🤩🤩😂😂


the cockpit and all the controls should be reworked and they should add all the other variants of the A330


This should make people’s day. FDS has it on their list.


We need animated cockpit and gear tilt