Airbus A330 Rework


it doesn’t need a rework… there are plenty of aircraft which need a rework before that. 757,767, a340, a330 and the a380.


And yet plenty of people, (including me), voted for it.


Well you don’t get to heaven by asking on this thread.

Vote Down Below!


You could check the ones listed above this post and these below.


go see and he also has the Airbus A340 Family


If people wish to vote for it, then they will.


@PilotDog and @Gregdu69, I don’t think he was requesting a rework, he was giving his opinion, but great response times.


I would love to fly that beautiful Air Transit bird too.


I’m going to list out the A330 Liveries Requested,




-Air Seychelles
-Air France
-Air Algèrie
-Air Transat
-Jet Airways
-Northwest Airlines
-Air Asia X
-Fiji Airways
-Virgin Australia
-Vietnam Airlines
-Aer Lingus
-Oman Airlines
-Air China
-Air Greenland
-Cathay Dragon
-Singapore Airlines
-US Airways
-Azul Air (Azul Vaigens) (Regular Livery)
-Thomas Cook
-China Southern
-Brussels Air
-Air Canada (Star Alliance and Regular)
-Sichuan Airways
-China Eastern
-Virgin Atlantic
-Gulf Air
-Lufthansa (New)


+Finnair !!


Even when I’m from Holland they’ll hopefully add the TAP retro livery and the Jet Airways. I really like those two liveries on the A330 :)


Yeah I See It, China Eastern… buuut, this other Chinese beauty needs to be added too ;)




Very good, but this list still lacked the Azul A330-200 (Livery Azul Viagens). 😉

In Your Opinion, What is the Ugliest Aircraft?

How about a Emirates A330?



I can’t possibly forget this one…


It’s Another Butter!! 🤤


Note: Anyways, time for us all, including me to stop posting too many pics, if we all want these liveries, then #features is the category to go to, making our own request or vote for a existing one.


Would love that too, we only have the Etihad A332F.


Alright guys, it’s time to stop spamming replies about certain liveries that we want to be added. If you guys want them, then make a #features topic or vote for a pre-existing one!!! Let’s try not to clog this thread even more than it already is.


Sorry, from now on all A330 livery requests will be Flagged, is that okay?


Yeah, it’s time that we stop posting them here. People, that means including me are free to make request for their preferred livery or vote for a existing one :)


Added (somewhere) to the list

@IFBR-Mauricio @Captain_JR