Airbus A330 Rework


Probably (speculation based on recent CRJ rework) we will get the A330-200 added with the rework, too. The A340-300/600 is also speculated to be added with the A330-300 rework due to the similarities.


However it is just pure SPECULATION! We are not sure of any confirmation that we will get a rework. At RAF Cosford FDS said that they are considering reworking the 737 as well. So just be a lil’ patient! I check the announcment page every hour I’m awake to see if there is at least something about a rework. Patience…


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Singapore Shan’t Be Forgotten



Not just the A330, they should re-work the 340 and 380. They should also add in the 350 family and the 330-300/900. Then I’ll be in heaven.


Oh boy I hate this Livery.
NO hate


No offense, the A350 is not going to come for a while.


I hope you heal soon!


Jes I hope!


When they do or if they do decide to rework the A330 series there will be some challenges including the gear tilt. The A330 has one of the most noticeable gear tilts ever as it hangs down around 60 degrees, correct me if im wrong. They are currently working on planes with no gear tilt (737, A10) so I hope they start the rework next year because there is a small chance they will before the end of this year. Happy Landings -IFAviationEldin Screenshot_2018-10-27-19-07-22-1 My favorite A330 livery! credit: @etops_exposure on Instagram


I’m a fan of NW also ;)


Id love if they added the A332 with wingflex and the MEA livery lol


A lot of folks love the A330! FDS will make a ton of people happy once they rework it and release it.


Please let this livery be added when the rework comes

You do not know how much I would fly this bird


I love the livery!


In all honesty, I have never liked the A330. IDK, maybe it is just me, but I have always liked the Boeing version of the A330, which is the 777.


Then why in the world are you commenting in the a330 rework thread? 😂😂


To give my opinion, and try to convince more people to vote for the 777 rework instead of this rework.


As much as I want to agree with you, knowing they were both released in the same year for Infinite Flight(2013), just a few months apart, you could vote for the 777 rework below.


This topic is about the A330, not the 777. Please refrain from posting off topic comments.