Airbus A330 Rework

Thank you, I really prefer this livery with the RR ones though.

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ooo that A340 behind too…

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Congratulations guys, from the bottom of my heart…
I still think the A330 does not need or deserve an Rework, but the Community has spoken and that is to be accepted.
Looking forward to yet another Longhaul Aircraft.

I just hope, with this Win, that the demand for Longhauls can finally stop and the talking about the A330 gets less…

Again, Congratulations, fair Voting and a very close race at the end…


Brussels Airlines has more A330-300’s with the RR engines than the P&W ones so I’m pretty sure they’ll put the RR ones on if the livery gets added.

Well, the A330 is used as a short/medium haul aircraft in Asia.

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Muscat to Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jeddah, Dubai, Doha, Islamabad, Zurich (sometimes), Milan-Malpensa, Cairo (sometimes), Jakarta, London-Heathrow (replaced with 787) and Manchester (replaced with 787). Those are all the places you can fly this beautiful bird with Oman Air! Please consider voting for the Oman Air A330 here >

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Well done on for your guys too! You played a strong fight! Unlucky on the outcome! Thanks for the congratulations!

Imagine flying Edelweiss A333, that’s the thing that can make you happy again , make all of us happy too !
We all want to be able to do it though 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

I hope ppl will vote for it !

The butter would be real , damnnnnnn , I can feel it ! 🇩🇪 🧈🧈🧈🧈🧈
I like this livery for real,


THIS rework would be poggers if we gotten more diversity of chinese liveries

It even fits in the highest airports!


I just voted for the AirChina one , I totally agree.

A330 won guys!

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A tad late to the party but yessss!!!

Amazing livery to be honest… hope to add this livery 🙏🙏🙏

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Lets get it y’all of course this would win, can’t wait for them new sounds for this

So guys im going for medium-short hauls with this thing

Long haul flights are boring anyway

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And now you can go vote for the A220 :)

Congratulations everyone — I’m excited to see what the developers will do with the A333. There is a great selection of liveries from around the world to add, and this will allow Infinite Flight to please a broad fanbase. I did vote for this simply because I favor reworks.

If I may suggest, since all of you now have a free vote: support the A220 fans who are disappointed and take that extra vote to a regional or narrow-body aircraft. The ATR, E-jets, and A220 could all use some of the vocal and excited support you’ve shown the A330. Nice job everyone!

Guys Congrats on your win, it was a fair fight and we lost. You deserve that aircraft you we’re screwed out of it once and now it’s time for you to get what you want.

P.S let’s not get the a340 rework gang. I think it’s enough for now


on the 777 we received engine sounds and two different sounds inside the cabin, one from when you’re an autopilot and one from stall, I hope to achieve the same for the A330 and especially as the landing callouts, that would be very good

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