Airbus A330 Rework


That is honestly so sad. I am not saying this because I was against the A330. I am saying this because you just won and a few minutes after you got the rework you wanted , you are already thinking about the next plane instead of just enjoying it a little bit.

I’m going to build a time machine! Fast forward to the release of the new A330 XX/XX/2021!!!

We won for one single reason


Yes! Can’t wait to recreate this!

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Hello everyone! since the a330 won you all can remove your vote for it and start voting for liveries. I urge everyone to consider voting for the Oman Air A330-300 and would greatly appreciate everyone who does! Please head over to this feature request and place your vote for the Oman Air A330-300!

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Pfft Wanting to butter the a330 is not my reason

I want MOAR liveries, better climbing, Better model, and MOAR liveries!!

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>:D I land regular

Go A330 gang!!

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This is needed, credits @Othman_Asli .

@Baba @T1MMY4L1F3_YT

10 Likes this it looks nice

After a long time, we will have a digital rework on the A330. congratulations, guys! let a new A330 come! 🥳


What if A340 cockpit is reworked as a surprise? (like in 20.1)

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They would of likely rebuild the a340 form scratch so I doubt but I could be surprised

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I think it needs far more than that it’s in current 757 condition.

Congrats A330 fans but they should have added a new aircraft instead of just reworking old aircrafts. We want a short haul like the A220

Im not even sure an A340 rework would come (after the 767 gets one)

Is the 767 having one?

The colors are a little too pastel a but very nice concept.