Airbus A330 Rework


I just don’t see the Sense of reworking one version. I would understand it if the NEOs would come, but like that, I don’t want another long hauler.

Also I get the point, with the destinations, but Oceania was a bad example, since Air Vanuatu is existent. If all the people like long hauls, they should be satisfied with the planes we got in the past updates. And even if you don’t like the A220, just because it has no Brazilian operator (that’s at least how I see it) it’s still way more of a regional jet, than the A330, because you can’t tell me you think the A330 is one

And very polite people you have in here

before you say that, take a flight in the C-17 or the F18 for example… The A330 is not in desperate need for a rework… There are other outbin the IF Fleet, which deserve a Rework before it… I love the A330 aswell, but where is the Sense to rework it if most people want the whole Family to be added which will not happen at this point.

I’m not starting a vote argument here, everyone should decide for themselves… but when you ask people to think over it for a minute, think over the whole picture, not just your opinion :)


ha, and do you have much sense in making only one version of the A220? contradictory don’t you think?

of course, I forgot that the IF can add liverys that don’t even exist and then the operated one cancels the order and stays forever inside the IF just like Delta’s 787

do me a favor, do not put forward what I didn’t even say, for your information in Brazil there is no company that operates the A330-300, so interpret the text right before replying saying that I don’t like something because there is no in my country

I didn’t say the A330 is a regional jet, I just said it’s the best option to favor EVERYONE, not one or the other.

Besides, this topic is of SUPPORT to the A330, not a topic to keep discussing about A220 X A330


(off topic) people saying we need to relax even though were still at war between two airbuses (a330xa220)


If we have this aircraft, I hope we’ll have this stunning livery!

You can also vote for this livery, would be much appreciated :)


I hope you dont think, whoever wins this poll, will be released in 20.3… this update is the 757


look at this photo I took

isn’t the a330 beautiful


I respect your opinion if you chose to vote the A220 but for the love of god this is NOT a A330 vs A220 thread so I’d appreciate if you could stop your argument about which is better right there just sit tight and let the community show it’s voice , even if the A220 wins i will just accept it and move on . I know u love the A220 but you don’t have to come over here and rub it in our face.


Just make it a little longer and ther’s our Hawaiian A330-300 for IF!


I 100% agree with Eden. I am also an A220 fan and don’t want the A330 to win, but anyway, please keep respect with everyone, as these are simple opinions, and the majority of people will win. This is the place to say how much you like the A330, not the place to defend the A220.


lovin it lol (but they just have the 332?)

We should show some love for Turkish Airlines too,1&qlt=85,0

Now that livery in infinite flight would be amazing.


The behaviour from certain individuals in this thread has been somewhat appalling to be rather frank. This is an Airbus A330 Rework thread, as the title mentions. Not an A220 vs A330 thread, which I am sure you can read. Bashing of other types of aircraft based purely on your support and desire for the other is really not the way this community progresses, and the way people make threats against others is certainly not the way to move either. I hope the moderators keep an eye on the behaviour here as I feel that it’s falling below the standards that this community is known to maintain.

Personally I will reserve my opinion on this topic, but what I will say is that the A330 is a great aircraft to see if it is chosen to be reworked.


I know I agree with you but the C-17 isn’t in the final poles. That is why I said we should take time in reworking old aircrafts rather than adding new :)


True. The old aircrafts get reworked first and then when they add new planes, the reworked cockpits would already be finished. And by then, when all the old aircraft get reworked we can get new planes like the 220 and Max’s and even the NEOS.

When we’d have a lot of liveries for them too!

Any who, let’s get back to what the title says shall we!
I’ll start with this:


If i get this livery i would spam RJAA PHNL

I rather let you do PHNL-KBOS because at least you don’t go over the ocean for 9-7 hours

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