Airbus A330 Rework

Guys, remember this is not an A220 vs A330 thread. Let’s keep it on-topic.


Fellows… Calm down… I think the following post would end this chaotic discussion :) Cheers!

Ok let me just say this: yes it got a soft rework which fixed it’s physics and added wing flex. But the cockpit is a 2D picture, the gears are as unrealistic as it gets it. The colour is a dark white if this makes sense. Does not fit the current state of the game. So why can’t we get a full rework huh?

FYI you should not trust anybody that says “xxxxxx is taking the lead”. It is purely speculation.


Let’s take some time, take a deep breath, and keep replies focused on why we want the A330, rather than why it’s better than a certain other aircraft.

Positivity, people.


Check this !


Exactly! And when I told them they’d get bored bcuz of how small airlines use the a220 they said they wouldn’t get bored. Maybe at first they’d like it if the a330 lost but then it will get boring. Which is why they should wait at least till next year so more airlines use the a220 and instead of a rework next year we can get the a220.

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The A330 is clearly wanted by a large portion of the community, so I’d bet that it will come in the next year or two regardless of the outcome of this vote (similarly to how we’re getting the 757) The A220, on the other hand, is not likely to come anytime soon unless it wins this vote.

I am fully in support of reworking the A330, I just don’t think it should win the vote.

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Guys, lets change our logo! XD (special thanks to @Baba)

Team A330


There is Tunisair on the A319 and TAAG Angola on the 737-700 please do your research.


Do you only know how to talk about this smooth rework? Want to convince people to change their mind? The current plane is horrible and there’s nothing to deny, this “rework” they did is more like a simple brush stroke on the plane, because it is still old and horrible to fly.

I know that most are tired of a wide-body, but the A220 is far, but very far from being the best regional option, ATR and E-Jets are the best options, but they didn’t succeed, now that I benefit from the A220 brings to people who live in Asía, South America and Oceania? “okay” that at Asía they have 1 operator.
But it’s too much different from the A330 that you can connect continents with, there are a lot of people that simulate and like to fly to your continent or within your country and the A220 doesn’t even allow you to fly within your own country depending on your location, or do you think that will people fly an A220 Delta in Oceania? or with a generic livery or something that doesn’t even exist as we are used to seeing. for the love of god think of others before you vote.


I’ll give you the point with TAAG, but Tunisair is North Africa and this IS as standard region in my opinion. We literally have a livery from every North African country, that’s located at the Mediterranean Sea. sO pLeAsE dO yOuR rEsEaRcH

I like this hahaha


I just don’t see the Sense of reworking one version. I would understand it if the NEOs would come, but like that, I don’t want another long hauler.

Also I get the point, with the destinations, but Oceania was a bad example, since Air Vanuatu is existent. If all the people like long hauls, they should be satisfied with the planes we got in the past updates. And even if you don’t like the A220, just because it has no Brazilian operator (that’s at least how I see it) it’s still way more of a regional jet, than the A330, because you can’t tell me you think the A330 is one

And very polite people you have in here

before you say that, take a flight in the C-17 or the F18 for example… The A330 is not in desperate need for a rework… There are other outbin the IF Fleet, which deserve a Rework before it… I love the A330 aswell, but where is the Sense to rework it if most people want the whole Family to be added which will not happen at this point.

I’m not starting a vote argument here, everyone should decide for themselves… but when you ask people to think over it for a minute, think over the whole picture, not just your opinion :)


ha, and do you have much sense in making only one version of the A220? contradictory don’t you think?

of course, I forgot that the IF can add liverys that don’t even exist and then the operated one cancels the order and stays forever inside the IF just like Delta’s 787

do me a favor, do not put forward what I didn’t even say, for your information in Brazil there is no company that operates the A330-300, so interpret the text right before replying saying that I don’t like something because there is no in my country

I didn’t say the A330 is a regional jet, I just said it’s the best option to favor EVERYONE, not one or the other.

Besides, this topic is of SUPPORT to the A330, not a topic to keep discussing about A220 X A330


(off topic) people saying we need to relax even though were still at war between two airbuses (a330xa220)


If we have this aircraft, I hope we’ll have this stunning livery!

You can also vote for this livery, would be much appreciated :)


I hope you dont think, whoever wins this poll, will be released in 20.3… this update is the 757