Airbus A330 Rework

wow, i missed a lot

chaotic, confusing, and a simple lack to understand something as simple as why it was reopened in the first place

oh well, not hoping to see a revised a330 in the sim yet but it would be nice nonetheless

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I’d be happy to have live cockpit in the A330. no votes left alas, but votes not that needed anymore here! 😉

Considering the A330 is the most voted after the B777 i dont see why a rework on this is not needed. Not to mention this plane is really popular among all of the airlines and almost every airline company owns it .

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The Etihad livery should be added along with a rework :)


Oh on thanks

I see everyone is putting liveries in here… Might as well do the same.

How good does the Qantas ‘Silveroo’ Livery look on this beauty!

📸: @Adam_S (Me)

…and if you want to vote for it, follow the link below:

Wonderful to see this topic back open, thanks Misha!


Nice photo Adam, definitely agree that the Qantas livery should be added with a rework.


I always thought they operated the A330-200 on the Domestic routes { Sydney - Perth visa versa }

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Both of them have been recently reworked.

Ohh yes that’s true!! I meant the full rework like B777 Series with new engine sound, doors opening, etc etc… it will take time though I understand that. 😊

Qantas uses both the A330-200 and -300 on domestic routes.

However, Qantas use the -300 on longer haul international flights and the -200 (albeit, rarely) on flights to New Zealand.


This is stunning.


One is just fine, I didn’t mean for it to seem like I’m suggesting both to be added. If the livery ever gets added, which I sadly doubt it will, I hope it comes with the Trent 700.

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Wow didn’t even noticed this was opened again.
Intressting is this aircraft finally gonna be reworked in the next update. Hope this is true.


Do we get 1300 today :) ?

I’m just not gonna get involved again


i really hope they rework the a330 :)

Ok imma clear a vote

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Voted. We need this!

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Air Algerie