Airbus A330 Rework

Come on! We’ve waited long enough let us speculate a little

It probably is. But you never know …

See that blue sliver :)


Love the effort you’ve gone to here - nevertheless SriLankan is one of my favourite airlines and I’ve flown their A333,A332,A343 many times before so any SriLankan plane is exciting for me


I want the airbus a330 rework and more variation like the -200 and the HAWAIIAN AIRLINES LIVERY IS WAY BETTER AND WAY MORE TROPICAL AND WAY MORE VIBRANT THAN ANY LIVERY SO LETS ALL JUST GO AHEAD AND VOTE FOR IT! I mean even if it’s on the -300.

Here You Go :)

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I see your opinion, and I simply say Air Seychelles. But Hawaiian is great too.

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PATIENCE, it is just a sneak peak of a livery on the Airbus A330 in Infinite Flight. This will also just be a Physics rework, with an addition to the APPR. We will have to wait and see for the livery you want. Infinite Flight is not giving away further announcements of any livery…


Evidence of wing flex??


I doubt it but we will see…


Once again, I do not like these type of predictions. For the simple reason I do not want any Airbus A330 currently as the developers are really busy working on other features too. It’s WAY too early to see any rework of the A330 into Infinite Flight. Taking more time would have a higher chance of getting a higher quality Cockpit rework, Animated Cockpit with working GPS navigation on display, wing flex obviously etc… We should be happy seeing extra addition or a suprise on our favourite aircraft, adding new liveries and a rework on physics.


Well Miss. Laban and Mr. Jason have already said that this rework of the A330 Model won’t include wing flex as the 3D modelers are currently too busy but maybe you’ll be surprised. Just sit back and enjoy the show as it unfolds folks.



That’s what I thought too… but here we have photo evidence of what appears to be wing flex. I remember Laura once said there was a simple algorithm for wing flex which was applicable for all aircraft (said during CRJ rework). Maybe they’re starting to play around with it on other aircraft. I understand it may not come in a release, but wing flex would certainly be easy enough to start toying around with.


You have clearer vision than I. ;)

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I wouldn’t get any hopes to high about wingflex and other features. We did suspect a new cockpit for the 737 when it was getting a soft rework which did not happen. Although I do have to say I’m really excited about new liveries for the A330 really hoping the Aerlingus livery gets added as it has been long awaited by me since I’m a huge aerlingus fan and the A330 does need some new liveries because it is very limited with liveries


SriLankan livery is very beautiful <3

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Wing flex is for sure not coming in this update.

Also, this may be a stupid question but is the updated flight physics for the A330 and A340 or only the A330.


Would be great if some Asian airline were added like China eastern, to promote the amazing region


And just can’t forget Qantas

Qantas credit


Only the -300 is getting new liveries

Wing Flex

Just a physics update