Airbus A330 Rework


I was just sharing it, I’ve been waiting for an A330 rework so I was excited. 🙄


As stated earlier Laura does not frequently fly the A330 on long hauls, let alone 3 times in one day and being as in my 4 years on IF I have only seen Laura in an A330 a handful of times compared to better aircraft this is something odd. That is all that was stated. And considering known beta testers have been seen in A330 aircraft today. Just fishy stuff


Especially when shes flying the generic livery :0


I’m not the one to post these type of posts, as them flying the A330 could just be for fun and they just wanted to fly it basically, but now Tyler has also jumped on the A330 heading to Cairo, Egypt…

This got me intrigued, but then again, it could be anything, we don’t know yet. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s around the corner 🙃


Everyone’s been spotting them in 330’s this week. I’m guessing it’s staffs way of trolling by everyone rolling with em


You guys are partly right and great detectives ;)

We’ve been listening, and while I can’t share the specifics of the planes we’re working on, reading about the issues of the A330 flight model made me want to take some time away from the 19.1 bug fixing schedule to bring the A330 flight physics up to speed.
That means the flight physics and (unfortunately) nothing else for this one as it would require quite a bit more work on the 3D Modeling side, and these guys are very busy at the moment as Jason mentioned in his latest post.

To summarize, this will bring:

  • Updated flight physics
  • Flaps issues will be fixed
  • APPR Mode
  • Fixed Autopilot issues
  • Ground effect
  • Better crosswind handling

This will not make any changes to the 3D Model, so:

  • No wing flex
  • No gear tilt
  • No new animations

Happy landings everyone :)

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19.1 Status & General Updates


That’s a welcome surprise.

Thanks for the update!



I’d love to fly this boy!

Also thanks for this update Laura! You never disappoint!


It’s great news for the 330 gang. But kind of wish it could’ve just stayed in queue and been fixed when you guys were ready. Hoping this doesn’t delay the latest reported update


That’s great news. I’ve been mainly hoping for the flaps to work properly. Thanks for the update on what it going on behind the scenes. I suppose spotting you and Tyler flying the A330, wasn’t all a coincidence after all 🤭


Thank You , Thank You, Thank You ! The work all of You put into this simulator speaks for itself !


Yay! I guess no more -450 landings and having to compensate a few passengers because of broken necks. Also so happy the issue with the A333 will be solved. Wingflex though. :(
#A333 gang.


All we could have asked for! Wonderful news. Looking forward to those solutions and making the A330 a better aircraft for all!



Doesn’t look likely, but she may inform otherwise


Focusing on the flight psychics first is a very good start, I’d say. We’ll have to wait and see what else they have in store for us in the future, which is always full of surprises 😉


Seeing as those things were listed which will not come I think it’s clear that a rework would come with those features. I gather that this is an interim fix that Laura has kindly worked on to keep us smiling and flying for the meantime until it’s fully reworked.


I’d sure hope so. I agree with you about the fact that this is an interim fix, and one I’m happy to hear about. :)


Maybe later just not now, wingflex and gear tilt


She said it was coming in 19.1


That’s the next update with the Replay and all other other good stuff right. The one Jason recently announced, right?