Airbus A330 Rework

There is a new update every 2 months, hence there being 6 in 2018, so it could be this month

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I think we wont see an update until atleast March or April. They’ll of course sacrifice time for amazing Level of Detail and Liveries and such. Just builds the hype :)


Well, 99% of the first updates for each year are in March, so I would say most likely next month. Who knows what it will have for us


It would be so awesome to see the a330 with wing flex and the new highly detailed cockpits.


The A380 definitely needs a rework to have its cockpit installed to the rest of the aircraft.

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The A380 does need a rework, but that’s best mentioned on the A380 rework thread. 😀


Believe me when I say this folks, this reworks coming next year, Christmas.

Roger that Naruto 😁

I think it’s coming this year, Christmas Eve.

Let’s be real guys none of us know the exact release date, nor even a rough sketch of when it will come out. This is mostly because it hasn’t even been confirmed. Throwing random dates out not only confuses people, but really does nothing to further the conversation. Please keep it realistic and factual. Thanks, carry on!


Thank god the devs have been listening to the feature requests in their latest update

oooh, that will be a good birthday present! (February is my B-day month!)
xD :D

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Please add Hainan Airlines A330.


It Looks like a a350-900 as the Gears have a bit more space then the a330. Grettings, Alex!

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Woah, would be Amazing to see her in IF i‘m waitting since 2 years for the announcment: V A330 Reworked…

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We need A330 rework, i agree. But if we have a rework, at the same time it should be come with A330-8/900. Am i right?

So it will bring full of A330 series rework.


Hahaha! They took my post down xD

Yes I would love my favorite airline (TAP Air Portugal) to come in IF as the A339


No, to me it looks like a 777, because on the left it has what looks to 2 more wheels on the truck

Here look closerInked8c73da5f7babcb2afb31cb6793185baf4238cb61_LI|151x199