Airbus A330 Rework


Since the previous topic was closed, I think we need a rework for the A330-300.


(Once again, I apologize if this is a duplicate)

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A330 rework

Yes I agree, but would be nicer with the -200 included too!


why don’t you request some ideas! and add some pics so its not blank!


Rename it to A330 rework because they may add the A332 aswell if it gets reworked


This plane needs a makeup soon! With new liveries and change some things…


Yeah! Definitely!


That would be nice.


We definitely need a reworked A330


No more plane just rework


Yes, we have enough reworked Boeings for now.


Yeah, Exactly.


Yeah the Devs should focus on Airbus.


The old topic was closed for being multiple requests. Why make a new one?


Yeah, if they add the Delta belly to the existing -300, I’ll be in heaven


You never apologized before in your post?

Anyways, I’d happily see a 330 rework, it’s one of the most iconic airplanes the world has.


Very true, so many more airlines have the a330 but aren’t in the game


Yeah definetley maybe after global. I have wanted an A330 rework in forever and some more liveries because there are barely any . Enough with Boeing lol.


I made a topic about this 😂 I can’t link on my phone but look up “delta a330-300 delta belly”, sorry


The a330 looks Audun in if needs a huge rework with lighted cockpit cabin
And a few liverys like Tomas cook and aer lingnus Turkish and American


I agree but this is not a place for livery request’s ;)