Airbus A330 reverse thruster stuck open after landing

I was plane spotting at LAX and noticed after an Airbus A330 landed the reverse thrusters stayed in the open position all the way to the gate. The pilot was in aware of the issue. Picture is attached. image

Did you try to open forward thrust? Maybe you are still in reverse idle?

How can you be in Idle reverse. If i let loose ,meaning 0% thrust, of the throttles it will automatically go back to forward thrust, won’t it?

There are 2 idle’s

  • Normal Idle.
  • Reverse idle, this means the reversers are open but no reverse thrust is being used. Normally you will land like this.

Like I said I was plane spotting. I was not piloting this aircraft. He was moving forward under power thought.

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Pausing the game generally freezes all od the controls as how you left it so he may have done that

I guess he could of paused the game for a brief second. But I watched him on approach till landing and then saw the thrust reversers pop and he turned off the runway. The he came down the taxi way with thruster still active and accelerating forward. No studder’s or jolts in movement. Strange though.