Airbus A330 MRTT

It just seems a little commercial based at the minute. Like if one of the other wins in this poll for a new aircraft, the other will be the thing people want, along with the 757 rework. People seem to like commercial aircraft better. If you look at all the military aircraft on IF, they’re just not as good quality, but I would like to see more aircraft like this in the sim.

What are you trying to say? My reply to this message is exactly the one i sent you before.

Just to clarify my thinking

Next step for Airbus:

Really looking forward to get this Tanker once in IF


2021 here I come !


Would be nice to see the RAF Union Jack A330 Voyager (ZZ336)

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So true! Although all they really need to do is add a few bumps and a fuel hose housing to the wings and bobs your uncle! Your finished

Great aircraft.
The Armée de l’air (French Air Force) will operate 12 of them under the code name Phénix


@Dominic_C-H Here you are , feel free to vote for it as it’s the airplane you wants :p (your bio) !

Haha thanks, I’m lucky enough to work on her now absolute beauty of a plane


No, not cool, because this is a boom pod!

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Wait till they get rid of the boom operator, Airbus really belive in this AI thing

Since the new a330 update was recently released and with the a339 in an upcoming update, the KC-30 MRTT would be a good addition to the IF fleet. there are plently of militaries that use it such as the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Air Force, Belgium Air Force, France Air Force, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

The KC-30a would be a good addition for air to air refuelling as well as military exercises on IF!!
And since the reworked a330 has already got the basic shell and only a few customisations to the fuselage would have to be made it wouldn’t take so long as reworking/ creating a new aircraft as well as different grey liveries.

Thanks, Rye.

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The A330MRTT is a lot more modern than the 707/KC-135 DC-10/KC-10 and 767/KC46 the US is using too bad the US is not getting these as they are really nice and modern I hope it’s added to the sim

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Germany operates the A310 not the A330MRTT.

I wholeheartedly agree. And since the F/A18 is probe-equipped it would make the most sense for the existing KC-10 to have a drogue added or for the MRTT variant of the A330.

Cunliffe, Charles. Saudia Arabia A330-202(MRTT). JetPhotos, 28 NOV 2021, Link to image


I disagree that the MRTT is more modern than the KC-46.

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I agree too brothers. They should rework the A330-200 and drop the MRTT that will be capable of refueling the new F-18, C-130, future European fighters.

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It wouldn’t be a rework because we actually don’t have the - 200, we only have the freighter Varient of the 200 in Iaf so it would be a brand new model etc…

But I would love this for sure, Jesse I know you want it just as much as me as we are both in GAF and it would be superb to have the KC2


Yes please!! MMF Tanker Transport.

Singapore, Saudi, Australia come to mind as Boom equipped jets too.

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