Airbus A330 MRTT

It just seems a little commercial based at the minute. Like if one of the other wins in this poll for a new aircraft, the other will be the thing people want, along with the 757 rework. People seem to like commercial aircraft better. If you look at all the military aircraft on IF, they’re just not as good quality, but I would like to see more aircraft like this in the sim.

What are you trying to say? My reply to this message is exactly the one i sent you before.

Just to clarify my thinking

Next step for Airbus:

Really looking forward to get this Tanker once in IF


2021 here I come !

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Would be nice to see the RAF Union Jack A330 Voyager (ZZ336)

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So true! Although all they really need to do is add a few bumps and a fuel hose housing to the wings and bobs your uncle! Your finished

Great aircraft.
The Armée de l’air (French Air Force) will operate 12 of them under the code name Phénix

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