Airbus A330 MRTT

I think you just answered a question ive had for over a year saw one of these at Canberra airport and couldn’t figure our what it was as I was too far to get a decent view all I knew was it was military

If you saw them at Canberra, they’re probably from the RAAF. I’ve never seen one, but just from photos, they’re beautiful.
If I were to rate my 5 favorite military aircraft, it’d go:

  1. C5
  2. A330 MRTT
  3. A10
  4. KC-10
  5. B-1 Lancer.

Double aerial refueling could be possible with the A330 MRTT.

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So the updates a 757…
Don’t worry guys! The 757 may look damn ugly, but she’s a fine plane to fly.
The good side to this is that we have more time to get this beauty more votes, and a better chance the MRTT will be in the 330 rework!

Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful photo courtesy of Jerome Chauvin from JetPhotos!

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Having another type of tanker would be amazing, especially in RAF livery that we don’t have in Infinite Flight yet. 🇪🇺

I also concur that it would be welcomed and refreshing to have IF spend just a little bit of time on updating some of the Military Aircraft. There is a large contingent of slightly older flyers who are either X or current military members who would greatly appreciate some new tweaks to the IF lineup. While the heavies are very far out numbered by the fighters, both the ARS options and a C130 upgrade would be a great way to reward the Military enthusiast within the IF community.


Smh… losing votes…

While the community vote for next rework goes in a 2nd round without the C-17 I would like to push this topic.
Vote for the A330 in community rework poll, and vote for this one!

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If the A330 wins this is a must.

We’ll have to wait and see though

I see this flying into Brize Norton (my local air base) a lot - would love to see this in IF eventually…

I generally don’t vote for aircraft, but if we’ll have the A330 rework (which is the right option out of 2 considering the amount of liveries for A220) I’d love to see this added. You got my vote.

Thanks Tom!

MRTT’s I’ve found on FR24

I’ve seen an Aus one before, just never managed to catch a screenshot

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I know people will get mad at me but what if the MRTT was included in the A332F like the KC10F in the DC10 cargo variant?

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Doubt it. The only reason the KDC-10 and the KC-10 were a part of the DC-10F was because there were, well, only 2 operators. The A330MRTT has numerous operators

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If we were to have the MRTT feature as part of the A330 update, I’d be quite happy. Since my vote was for the C-17, the ability to add some military component with the A330 would be nice

Edit: Voted!

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The MRTT wont be with this rework due to the MRTT being a 200 varient and not 300 to all those thinking this

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Pssst @Padon, don’t disillusioning them …

May be the MRTT is a way to make a second A330 variant happen…

Sadly, I hardly see this ever being added as IF are more commercial.

Completely disagree.

I think exactly the opposite. As commercial frame has more demand, adding a military livery (with the refuel possibility obviously) on a commercial jet it’s a good deal to not left military aviation without updates.

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