Airbus A330 MRTT

Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport

Royal Air Force A330 MRTT soars with F35’s. Image Credits

The Airbus A330 MRTT is a military derivative of the popular Airbus A330. It serves many nations around the world as a modern and state of the art Aerial Refueling Tanker, and VIP transport. It can also be configured to carry conventional cargo. It saw its first flight in June 2011. 45 A330 MRTT’s have been produced, Australia’s Royal Australian Air Force being its launch operator. The aircraft is primarily based of the A330-200 body and fuselage, but can be considered a different aircraft. 11 nations operate the aircraft, however, 4 nations operate them under NATO’s Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet.


(X) denotes the number of aircraft operated.

Royal Australian Air Force No.33 Squadron (7)

French Air Force (3)

Republic of Singapore Air Force 112 Squadron (6)

Royal Saudi Air Force No.24 Squadron (6)

Republic of Korea Air Force 5th Air Mobility Wing (4)

United Arab Emirates Air Refueling Squadron (3)

Royal Air Force No.10 & No.101 Squadron (7 KC-2’s, 7 KC-3’s)

NATO’s Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet. (2 known to be delivered, RNLAF)

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Personal Input

There is a major lack of military aircraft in Infinite Flight that are pleasant to fly and have up-to-date standards. There are only 2 military aircraft that feature live cockpits, the A-10 and TBM (French Air Force livery)
We haven’t had a military based update in a long time, and with recent speculation that the A330 is receiving a remake, these underrated beauties shouldn’t be left out. This aircraft is also a way to combine the Military and Commercial fans in Infinite Flight, as the A330 and A330 MRTT are practically the same aircraft with a boom attached. There is currently only 1 Aerial refueling vehicle ingame, the KC-10 and KDC-10. Many people love military aircraft, and for those who don’t, or haven’t tried flying them, this aircraft is a great mix of CA and MA. My personal favorite livery on this aircraft is the RAF one, I love the stripe that cuts along the side of the aircraft.

As always, your vote is highly appreciated.

Definitely would be an interesting aircraft to have. The thing that I find interesting is even though it is cargo first aircraft (fuel/goods), it seems like it’s based on the passenger A330, rather than A330-200F


@Alexander_Nikitin Indeed! It’s configurable for multiple things. It can serve as a VIP transport for long distances, but can also be configured to carry cargo (some of them). Recently, many Air Forces have been using them to transport face masks.

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Unrelated to the suggestion, but there have without a doubt been MRTT’s delivered to the NATO tanker fleet. RNLAF already has 2 for a fact, not sure about the rest.


Ah, my bad. The source I was using was a bit outdated. Let me fix that. Thanks!

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Wowie, this would be beautiful. Imagine fueling up an A-10 over the British Channel… 😍


What’s your favorite livery? The possibilities with this aircraft are immense!

This is awesome…


Mhm, a little vote would also be amazing 😂😂😂

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3 votes already? Thanks guys!


Surprised no one mentioned this, these are used on higher demand short haul routes around Europe. I’d love to use it at some point!


Pretty sure that was really just a once off thingy? In my opinion, it seems a bit pointless to add that livery, as the primary role of this topic is addressing the Aerial Refueling.

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Already a feature request

Old request closed.


This should definitely be added when the a330 gets reworked. Especially since the Dutch Air Force is replacing the KDC-10’s that we have in the game at the moment with a few of these for NATO.


Got My support :)

As the other request has been closed, I’ll move my vote!

Would love to see this implemented

Want, want, need

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Especially if you have been inside one. Definitely a really cool feature request!

Curious as to how these work and refuel aircraft? Anyone know?image

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out. It’s called a Probe and Drogue system, it basically releases a flexible hose system. What I am curious about now is how devs will implement this, a lot of work on physics will be required