Airbus A330 French president aircraft (COTAM 001)

                      Airbus A330 of the French Republic


              About the air transports of the President of France

COTAM 001 is the official air traffic control call sign of any French Air Force aircraft carrying the President of France.
From the 1960s to 1994, COTAM was the acronym for the French Air Force’s Military Air Transport Command.
In November 2010, the Governmental transport squadron (ETEC 65) received a newly refurbished Airbus A330 ordered by the government to be used as the presidential (or prime ministerial) aircraft replacing 2 Airbus 319.

The President of the French Republic has :

  • 3 Airbus A310-300
  • 2 Airbus A319CJ
  • 1 Airbus A330
  • 2 Airbus A340
  • 2 Dassault Falcon 7X
  • 2 Dassault Falcon 700
  • 2 Dassault Falcon 2000
  • 3 Super Puma (helicopters)
                           About the Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is a medium- to long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus.

National origin
Multi-national (France, Germany, UK…)


First flight
2 November 1992

17 January 1994 with Air Inter

Primary users
Turkish Airlines
Air China
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines

                         About the President of France

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Absolutely needed, would love to simulate some flights with President Macron in the back. The livery is stunning with the french flag on the tail. Vive la France!

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It will be nice for us: The FRENCH. "Vive la France"😂
The French wants Falcon I think.


Macron is lucky to fly in this aircraft

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