Airbus A330 Falsely Not Able to Fit Gate

Hello everyone and especially moderators! I have a “bug” to report.

So, I was planning to do a flight from Istanbul (LTFM) to Adana (LTAF) with an Airbus A330-300 but then when I check the gates at LTAF, the flight simulator says that the plane I’m using is too large despite there are real A330s fly here.

The real plane park at the cargo terminal

As you can see, the plane perfectly fits into the apron.

Yet it still says that the plane is too large for this apron.

I hope the airport editors will address the problem and fix it in the next update. Thanks!


LTAF was last edited approximately 6 years ago, in 2016. Unfortunately, this issue will likely stay for the time being. How long that will remain is not something I can decide. Your best bet now is to wait until a fix comes along.

Sorry that you’re currently having a diminished sense of enjoyment with Infinite Flight, though I hope that this is something that’ll changed in the near future.

Thanks for the answer! Am I still allowed to land here in expert server?

To be entirely honest, this is not something I have a firm answer to. Personally, I would allow planes the size of A330-300 to land at the airport, though this is something that can vary between controllers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderators about it; I’m sure they can give you a better answer than I am.

To anyone else who has a firm answer on this, please correct me where possible.

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I haven’t done this before, but I can’t imagine it would have any major ramifications, especially if there are no other aircraft there. Most certainly, if the airport was being used for an event, don’t go there. Other than that, it shouldn’t be a problem, so long as there are no other aircraft.

Thanks for the answer! So, does that mean I am able to land here as long as there are no planes go to this airport?

I would say yes. If you want to play it safe, however, try flying something smaller like the A321.

Ah, that’s understandable then. I actually wanted to fly the A330 because I rarely fly widebodies.

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