Airbus A330 Aerodynamics

Hi pilots!
When the A330 was updated with new liveries and wing flex, was the aerodynamic part reworked as well? Or is it still like before the upgrade? 🤔

It received a “Soft” Rework, the physics were touched up a bit i believe:) As it feels better then before to fly

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Yes, the physics were updated as well. A340 on the other hand, isn’t.


To quote Laura:

To summarize, this will bring:

  • Updated flight physics
  • Flaps issues will be fixed
  • APPR Mode
  • Fixed Autopilot issues
  • Ground effect
  • Better crosswind handling

This will not make any changes to the 3D Model, so:

  • No wing flex
  • No gear tilt
  • No new animations

I don’t believe it was updated with wing flex, only a minor update with liveries and the above. The full rework has been noted by developers and is yet to come in the years. :)

New Plane Leaked? 👀 👀 👀


It was updated in version 19.1, below is the official release notes:

A330-300/A330-200F Updates

A last-minute addition to 19.1 is a very soft rework of Infinite Flight’s A330 fleet. Fuelled by a vibrant and engaged online community, Infinite Flight developers strive to meet expectations and demand. In this case, inspiration came late in the game from an active feature request to improve the A330.

Features that made their way into the update include:

  • Autoland (APPR)
  • 8 New Liveries
  • Wing flex
  • Ground Effect
  • Flight physics updates
  • Better crosswind handling
  • Fixed autopilot issues
  • Fixed flap issues

Liveries for the A330:

  • Air Asia X
  • Airbus
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • Srilankan Airlines
  • Thai International Airways
  • WOW Air


So like others have said it hasn’t really changed and is in need of an aerodynamics update, it did get a little update to the physics in 19.1 though.



The A330 was one of my favorite aircraft before it was updated and after the update it flies even better while looking elegant.


Your quotation is right, but just to let anyone who is confused know this was added even though they didn’t initially plan it, happy little gift for all of us… 😁

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Very good physics update on this aircraft. Now it has the best physics of any heavy in IF.
Also the wingflex was a nice addition but they really need to rework the entire plane. The nose looks wrong in particular.

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The wing is flex yes!

Really! Needs a rework 3D

Yes… Now, i hope for the 3D rework! ✌🏼

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