Airbus A330-900neo

With people requesting all of the next generation airliners, I was wondering if the A330-900neo could be added.

Confirmed operators:
TAP Portugal
Air lease corporation
Air Asia X
Garuda Indonesia


Recommend some airlines?
Hawaiian airlines (maybe)

When all of you withdraw your posts consecutively… Imma wait for A330neo IRL though


I’m looking forward to it! Do you know any airlines that have confirmed orders?

The most nearest airlines to me would be XAX and GIA

XAX is AirAsia X and GIA is Garuda Indonesia

I’ll add them to the list. Thanks for the suggestions!

I’m just answering your question lol

Anyways it’s always better to check the Wiki:

I checked the wiki, but it didn’t really tell me much

Yes it does! Did you scroll? :)

You know Infinite Flight is not a confirmed operator.


Nor is Generic

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I knew that, their just ideas for liverys

Do you want me to change it?

You can just separate Confirmed customers for real life liveries and request an FDS later :) Generic is unneeded to be in the post, as it is confirmed for any and all aircraft coming to Inifnite Flight.

Apparently the A330neo will have its first flight this or next year.

Nah, I don’t like the look of this plane.

They should just name it the A350+

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This plane looks amazing! Would like to see this plane in IF with the Hawaiian livery!

They need to get this now or I can’t do one of my favorite routes to fly JFK to HNL Flight HAL51

The A330neo doesn’t even exist yet :/