Airbus A330-900 neo engine power problems

The new aircraft has obvious problems with engine power, since it is difficult for the aircraft on the FL350 with a load of 66%.

But when trying to climb FL390, aircraft loses speed and falls from the flight level

In reality, aircraft flies calmly at such flight levels.


the real life A330 is also not very powerful, i agree it’s exaggerated here

I see two issues straight away:

  1. Have you tried trimming the aircraft? I see you have 0% trim

  2. The A339neo only has a max Ceiling of 41,450 ft. Power performance will be reduced the higher you go.


The A330 has problems getting to an altitude I recommend starting at a lower altitude and step climbing this is what seems to work for me

If you have difficulty maintaining FL350 at 210,000 kg, you’re definitely gonna have a hard time flying at FL390 at 215,000 kg.

It’s better to step climb and fly at an altitude you’re comfortable cruising at. Higher altitudes will require less weight or more power.


Looking at some delta flights, it’s very common to start at lower levels at 340. So this is kind of expected.

Currently at 41,000 at 35% load factor, it’s using a lot of power(92-95%) but no issues besides that. I suggest step climbing when you feel you are at the appropriate load factor to.

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But in reality, the plane calmly flies at such flight levels.

Step climbing is the best way to get to a high altitude, because from what I’ve experienced so far, the A330 irl and in IF struggles to climb due to its poor performance, using the step climb technique will ensure you’ll keep your speed

The load for these flights could be less then what you have, but at the same time I do also believe that the IF A339 is kind of underpowered.


Yes the A330 is completely the opposite of the 757 when it comes to performance

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I found its performance equal to the A330-300, is it really like that?

But we are talking about Airbus a330-900 neo which should be more powerful

Yes this is true

It’s worth mentioning that there isn’t a massive power difference between the regular A330 and the Neo.

For comparison, the Trent 700 is rated at 67,500-71,100 lbf maximum thrust.

The Trent 7000, the neo variant engine, is rated at 68,000–72,000 lbf. It’s a very small variation in power.


Not quite as simple as this though, as the 7000 has double the bypass ratio, making it much more efficient in cruise and it should require a lot less thrust to achieve the same performance.


You could then also argue that the increased weight and drag of the larger engine would reduce some of this effectiveness.

However as neither of us are qualified aviation or aerodynamics engineers, it’s probably best to leave this to the IF team who have created the performance configuration based on real world data 🙂


I see your point and many had the same issue with the A330.

the A330 is somewhat under powered but it definitely benefits from step climbing windage at altitude has a huge affect, it’s not a 777 saying it’s a long range eco bird is the best way I can put it so try again step climbing and putting much less strain on the engines until your established in cruise and then make incremental increases in altitude, climb very slowly remember its marathon not a sprint.

happy flying :)

It’s a flight that just left NY, who knows the weight profile there…


Exactly, see here for more details and how to help us:

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