Airbus A330-800neo

Uganda Airlines A330neo.

Look what just rolled out of the hangar! That’s gotta be the A330neo livery I am the most excited for besides Condor and Uganda Airlines:


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Hey, none, and I think about the back tail did like the color new brand is Air Greenland an Airbus A330neo, and I have one on my topic at IFC, too. Thank you for sharing!

I never knew this plane existed

No worries ^^ It’s a very slow seller. Only Kuwait Airways, and Uganda Airlines have a couple in their fleet I believe

Hey, I saw a check on the internet for Google information about it. Garuda Indonesia has received 4 Airbus A330-800neo in the future.

Uganda Airlines Airbus A330-800neo posted on Twitter.


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Is very nice. I haven’t a new one on the internet for Uganda Airlines A330neo. Thank you for your show at IFC.