Airbus A330-800neo

Airbus A330-800neo



About the A330neo

The Airbus A330neo is a wide-body jet airliner developed by Airbus based on the Airbus A330ceo. It was announced in 2014.

About the -800neo

The A330-800 retains the fuselage length of the A330-200. The -800 has a range of 7500 nmi (13,900 km) with 257 passengers (406 max). As the variants share 99% commonality, developing the smaller -800 had a negligible extra cost.

The -800s first flight happened in November, 2018.


  • Air Greenland
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Uganda Airlines


Overall length 58.82 m
Cabin length 45.00 m
Fuselage width 5.64 m
Max cabin width 5.26 m
Wing span (geometric) 64 m
Height 17.39 m
Track 10.68 m
Wheelbase 22.18 m
Range 15,094 km
Mmo M0.86
Max ramp weight 251.90 tonnes
Max take-off weight 251.00 tonnes
Max landing weight 186.0 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight 176 tonnes
Max fuel capacity 139 090 litres

Aircraft weights and capabilities shown are the highest

Why do we need the -800?

It has many unique liveries, such as Air Greenland and Uganda Airlines. As the devs are working on the A330neo currently, it would be nice to have this aircraft.

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I voted! We need more Kuwaiti fleet In IF


I find the topic about Airbus A330-800neo for another airlines thing.

Air Greenland Airbus A330-800neo ← this is my topic.

Feeling comfortable is free now open for vote requests.


I don’t t think we would need a 800 neo because it only has 3 livery’s vs 13 on the 900 neo


I really like the -800 as it’s a bit shorter but I don’t think we will see it in the near future as the -900 will be added soon ! Although good to see that someone created a feature request :)


I think we need at first the A330-200 before.


Both can probably be done together like the -300 and -900, which are very similar

And the engine and winglets for this one can be taken from the -900

Basically the only actual work would be liveries

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Going by this logic we should have seen the A330-200 instead of the NEO.

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The first part is the main thing tho

The fact that they can be done together, not the other details, the main thing

Like @GBKarp said, I think they can be added together

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That is true, but it doesn’t really matter how many airlines fly it, it just means less liveries for the time being, it’s still a nice option to fly.


My bad ! Thought that was for a livery ! Very sorry ! (can someone remove my flag).

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Oh, I see. Hope to feel you, hard patient something adds new livery and aircraft owners with the topic, too. I know you are felt confused.


I think this model could come in the future if the A330-200 comes too, I think it would be a lot less work to make the -800 considering that we already have engines, wings and other things like the -900, I hope that until then it wins more operators

Uganda Airlines Airbus A330-800neo what did on go to Seattle what happened?

If this plane gets added can we please have some fictional liveries with it?

I need to absolutely have a HAL A330-800.

That’s not happening


Who is say it HAL?

Unfortuneately lol