Airbus A330-800/900neo

So happy this is coming, i can actually replicate my flight from Newark to Lisbon.


WOW its actually here!!!

So this is just one my curiosities, do you guys think this means the NEO will arrive with the RR Trent 7000s? - A new engine varient.

Sound package?

Not only the sound packages, this engine has a whole different shape you know…

Oh yea of course, they wouldn’t do something as not put in those Trents. It’s what makes the Neo a NEO.

That’s exactly my point :) It’s literally the New Engine Option so I was wondering.

Now these are the official words!

OWWWWWWWWW Now yes it came true!!! I am really happy. In the future we will have NEO

Guys. I think that this will be the next update. But still depends on the people at developers.

At least the devs team gave all of us a crucial hint for A330neo in the next update.

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PK-GHE in WITT, 10 June 2021

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fingers crossed for this one aswell, F-HSKA


One of the finest widebodies 👀

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Looking forward to seeing this in the sim. Definitely a cool aircraft!

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What a beauty 😍😍


It’s a pearl 🤩

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tbh I’m surprised this isn’t closed yet

Well the -800 isn’t coming so only part of this feature request has been fulfilled 🤷🏼‍♂️


I mean the A350 topic clearly said “A350 Family” yet only the -900 came 🤷‍♂️