Airbus A330-800/900neo

Freighter versus passenger aircraft?

Weight is completely different, meaning longer times on rework.

The A339 is about the exact same as the A333, length, height, weight. Just a longer wingspan and different wingtips, along with newer more fuel efficient engines. Plus, the liveries that were removed from the A333 will most likely come on the A339, because those operates either have the NEO on order or already operate that aircraft.

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Need I direct you to the Staff’s response.

In terms of 3D modelling and the detail it has to be done in, with all the indentations, the rework would obviously be more difficult, because it is not as easy as just shrinking the fuselage. 3D modelling ain’t that easy. It gets even worse with modelling the freighter’s fuselage; it just isn’t feasible to match that with the timeliness of adding the NEO.


Valid point - I’d argue differently because of the presence of the 777F and MD-11F but understand the frustration of those that want more cargo options!

Not valid - as stated by the developers, the A339 is a treat for the community because it needs only a couple additional weeks of development due to cosmetic differences on the wingtips and the engines. Think about how those are one of the easiest things to change in-game. Different engine types and winglets are present on Airbus aircraft in Infinite Flight to begin with.

The A332 on the other hand has a different fuselage length, a different tail height, different handling and physics, etc. It’s a different aircraft in multiple respects and as a result much more work :)

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I’m not trying to speculate, but do you think it’s a few more weeks until the A33Neo is complete or more or less.

I would estimate between now and when protons begin decaying. In other words, I have no clue.


I think doing the A340-300 would be easier to do compared to doing the A330-200.

might be in the next update like in decemmber maybe
i think thats when protons decay

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still WIP, but this arm that holds the engine looks different


yeah, don’t think possible distortion in the image excuses the poor modeling on the pylon

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Not flush with the wing, not flat enough, and theres so many polygons lmao

Another thing that looks off is the leading edge of both the wing and pylon


I believe they should fix the 737s, 747s, etc before they add any new aircraft. Some of the planes havent been worked on since 2013

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Another thing I noticed, the fan blades are way to far forward



Fan blades seem to be in the correct position. You’ll need to look far more closely to critique better as the play of shadows, camera angle etc can be deceiving. :)


Is this supposed to be close?

The most triggering thing are the support. Compare how the real life one has a more delicate curve and the IF model is like more tough


It seems after the last WIP the motor arm is still with the wrong model.

A few more things I noticed

  • The RR logo is missing on the motor, not all the models have it, but this one with the Garuda has.
  • I know the NEO model is being made on top of the A333, I don’t know if the tail of the A333 these lines are a texture, if it’s textures I think it can be fixed, the A339 has a smooth tail, no lines

  • Another detail is the mask, I marked the end of the window with a red line, see the ‘‘how much mask’’ is still missing on that back, and I’m sure that’s not the angle before someone says that

well, just constructive criticism, it’s a plane I’m looking forward to.
I think that whenever someone from the community points to something, it’s not always to criticize, it’s to help, sometimes many things can go unnoticed. work is getting very good devs

photos are copyrighted by Airbus and Infinite Flight


Just wanted to say that Only the 90 is coming if you check one fo their twitter replies on their post you can see only the 900 is confirmed I will send a screenshot soon

Edit: Can’t seem to find it I regret not taking a screenshot If you find the reply then uh just reply it and ig the 800 is coming

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Sad if correct that it’s been cancelled, we really need the Iran air livery in IF.
I wonder, about the MEA order, as they were due to receive the A339 this year.

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And yes to expect everything livery by Airbus A330neo.

MEA gets will be delivered in the year 2022.

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-900 confirmed. Feel free to make a new topic for the -800.