Airbus A330-800/900(NEO)

We got an A330neo with a mask now:


That‘s too hot !

I have seen the Delta A330-900neo land at KSEA before. Definitely clearing up a vote for this.

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This was very good, another painting for when this guy gets to the IF!

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We need this for TAP, Garuda and Azul!!! Voted :-)

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We really need this plane at the IF. Especially with the usual paintings, it would be so good to make international flights with AZUL and TAP.
It’s definitely the better option for the next “wide body” aircraft. Let’s wait for It!!!

Uganda Airlines’ first A330-800 is out

Basically the only other confirmed -800 operator besides Kuwait.


Thai airasia X (A330-900neo) HS-XJA image

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Funny enough, the A330NEO looks more of an 767 replacement than the 787.

Wait when did we pass 200 votes :)

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