Airbus A330-700 (Beluga XL)

It sure does have short range. The XL can only go 2,200nm fully loaded. That’s not even coast to coast in the U.S.

That’s still a good range… since the production lines aren’t that far away it gets the job done

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@Jeremy_H If you don’t like it, don’t vote for it.

If it gets added, then just don’t fly it. It’s as simple as that.

(also I think I saw a request for it to be taken to PM earlier by @anon7075715)


@BobbyRobert I did not vote for it and if it does get added, I won’t be using it. The request for Pm was not there when I last replied so I did not see it. Relax 😉 Moving on…

For a cargo aircraft to carry aircraft parts and only have 2 engines seems very good

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Does anybody know if Ground Effects work on this aircraft, or the original Beluga?

Would be awesome to have but not very relaistic to have 30 of them at one airport so maybe for solo mode or a limit for only so many on a server at once.

Go vote here for that…

The world was given to us to fly. I’m sure you wouldn’t find a lot of them in one place unless it was an event or it was released and everybody would fly it out of Toulouse for a while.

Bumped! Hopefully this comes along in the future. Hopefully with the Dreamlifter


If this is going to get added, then the Dreamlifter should get added as well.

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Great aircraft! Hopefully this will be added to IF one day.

The beluga huh

Beluga whale can I get a water squirt

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I think it’s cute :)

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Saw this cutie 4000ft above me today but i was at work so i havent had my camera with me. At the weekend I just good Beluga 4 and 5 but I will see the XL and 1,2,3 soon at EDDW because here in bremen we like to construct and build wings for your long haul journey!

Hey there,
I think it’s a great idea to have this new aircraft in the IF fleet although I just don’t think (and see) it being in IF yet, I don’t think Flying Dev studios is ready for something like this.

My girlfriend thinks this plane is adorable so here’s my vote 👈

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Let’s make this the next Airbus addition after the A350 <3


We “need” this :0

Its a super goofy plane but i would mind flying it in IF. It would be cool if the door opened. They need to add ups to the 747 8 and make the door operable


Would be nice to see in IF <3